RWF Collection Boxes

RWAF stand

If your vet's surgery, garden centre or a local pet shop hasn't got an RWAF collecting box, why not ask them if they would take one?

To obtain a collecting box please contact us. Please give your full postal address and where the collecting box will be located. Please ensure that the box is positioned in a safe place and can not be stolen or tampered with.’ and checking with the manager / owners of the place where positioned, who’s responsibility it is to ensure its security as the person placing it there won’t be able to watch over it 24/7.

Once in place you will need to check the box regularly, emptying when necessary and sending the money to us. Please see our contact page for details of our address.

We would like to thank those members who have already placed a collection box and sent the donations to the RWAF. And if you haven't checked on any of your collection boxes for a while, now may be a good time! Every penny raised is vital.

You can send the total of the donations emptied from the donations box to us in one of two ways:

  1. Use the Charities Aid Foundation websitesite to send the money to us online. Don't forget to tell us who you are and that it's the conents of your donation box in the 'Additional instructions' box.
  2. By cheque, made payable to the Rabbit Welfare Fund. Please send to our PO Box


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