Sponsored Events/JustGiving

If you read Rabbiting On, you will have seen some examples of members raising money through sponsored runs, bungee jumps, sky dives, even by sponsored tattoos! We find that more and more of our much needed funding comes from events like this. So put your thinking cap on, is there something you could do to raise money to help rabbits?

We’ve now registered with the online donation site,justgiving logo, which makes it even easier to raise sponsorship. Once you’ve settled on an event just go to our page on their website.

Justgiving do take a 5% commission on donations, but it’s a good deal easier than passing a sponsor form around, and in most cases you’ll probably raise a whole lot more doing it online because you can send the link to friends and relatives who don’t necessarily live nearby.

Online sponsorship can be great, but some people prefer the more traditional sponsorship form. If you would like a form then please call the helpline and we'll be happy to send one out. Or you may prefer to download one:

For a running event click here.

For any other kind of sponsored event click here.

Marathon Man (or woman)!

If you are fit and active, then this section is for you!

If you are able to run for us, and raise sponsorship at the same time, there is a comprehensive list of marathons here http://www.marathonrunnersdiary.com/races/uk-marathon-list.php. Once you have your entry, email us a copy and we'll send you a runners' pack which will contain a sponsorship form, a RWAF 'A Hutch is Not Enough' T-shirt to wear while you run and a RWAF wristband.

Please take note, if you are considering doing a sponsored event then please train properly before you run. We do not want you to harm yourself in any way, and running without any preparation can be very dangerous.

Other Fundraising

You don’t have to do a major event like running a marathon or jumping off a high bridge to raise money for the RWAF, you can also raise much-needed cash in smaller ways. For example, many members hold car boot sales, cake sales in their workplace, or hold a raffle of donated items or a dress-down day at their office. Every little really does help, and it can be lots of fun.

To make life easy, you can collect your sponsorship money online if you wish as the RWAF has signed up with justgiving logo, the online charity fundraising programme. If you'd like to do this, please visit our page on justgiving logo and follow the easy instructions.

For a more detailed list of hints and tips please see our Fundraising page.


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