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Imagine if you could raise money for the RWAF just by browsing the web? Well. we've teamed up with the internet search engine, everyclick.com to do just that. Everyclick donates money to the RWAF whenever you use the site to search the web. All you have to do is go to visit our page on everyclick, click 'sign up to track your giving' - it should have selected us in our official charity name of "The British House Rabbit Association Rabbit Welfare Fund". Click, "continue", now just register your name, address and email and you’re away!

How it works
EveryClick allocates 50% of its gross revenue to charity each month. The sum that the RWAF receives is entirely proportional to the amount that our supporters use the EveryClick website to search, relative to the supporters of other signed up charities. In other words, the more people that sign up to the RWAF page on everyclick and use search facilities, the more we get...simple!

Why not set it as your homepage? Then every time you search the web you’ll be raising money to allow the RWAF do more to help rabbits.

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