The Sunshine Lottery

Some ways of raising funds are more fun than others, and this is perhaps the best of all.

If you enter the Sunshine Lottery for every £1 you spend, RWF will receive 45p. And better still, you will be in line for a variety of prizes, the biggest being £25,000. That isn't a jackpot to share, that is what each prizewinner at that level is guaranteed to receive. There are various smaller prizes along the way too.

This is how it works.

Each player chooses 6 numbers between 0 and 9, inclusive.

We match the player's chosen numbers against the second digit of temperatures in Fahrenheit in selected destinations around Europe.

The table below shows an example of how the results are arrived at...

Corfu 83° 3
Istanbul 96° 6
Tenerife 81° 1
Innsbruck 77° 7
Edinburgh 62° 2
Stockholm 64° 4

In the example above, the winning combination based on those temperatures is:


So if a player has chosen those numbers, they would win the maximum prize for the lottery game type they had entered up to £25,000.

It only costs £1 a week to enter. You win, we win….how great is that?

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