Members' rabbits Remembrance Roll 1996 - 2005

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1996 - 2005

Butterfly - 25th June 2005


25th June 2005. Butterfly, my first ever bunny rabbit, we grew and developed together with such a strong bond.

I can still feel the pain of that terrible day even now after nearly 9 years since your passing.

R.I.P Beautiful

smudge mclauchlan-corne

Smudge McLauchlan-Corne 11 August 2000 - 17 October 2005

We wanted the world to see what a wonderful bunny we, and the world have so sadly lost. So suddenly and cruelly taken away from us. Thankfully we have the wonderful memories of our many years together.

We hope you loved your life as much as we loved having you in ours.

Enjoy the meadows you are now running in our beautiful Smudge!

Anna and Matt


smutts dykes

Smuts Dykes

Dear little Smuts (left) - constant companion of Jaffa for nearly 8 years - died August 2005 after a short illness leaving Linda Dykes (RWAF's health liaison team) devastated and Jaffa puzzled by her absence. If only our bunnies would live forever.... But they don't, and we love them anyway.





This lovely little bunster is Saffy who sadly died in November 2004, another victim of e-cuniculi, leaving one very devastated owner behind. Thanks to Claire King, Judith Brown, Linda Dykes and whoever else advised and listened during this very sorry saga.


quincey kavanagh

Quincey Kavanagh

Meet Quincey, sadly missed by members Rachel and Mark Kavanagh





saxon king

Saxon King 2004

This is Claire King's Saxon - sadly left Claire side on 23 July 2003 and will be sorely missed.







eleni todd

Eleni Todd

Eleni was a very beautiful, brave and clever girl, who blossomed from a shy and nervous to confident and trusting bunny



kerys todd

Kerys Todd

Kerys was the very loving and loyal partner of Rae's Louie, who showed her that two really is better than one!


kerys todd

Louie Todd

This is Louie, sadly missed by RWAF CEO Rae. Louie was the inspiration and motivation for Rae getting involved in rabbit welfare and because of him she's made some very good friends along the way. Still very much missed and loved. Rae said of Louie "I've got a lot to thank him for and I'm still doing my best to make him proud!" Rae

charlie staggs

Charlie Staggs 11 July 1999 - 29 November 2001

The mangler of clock hands and licker of human hands who brought us so much joy.
Died in our arms, lives on in our hearts.

Debbie and Leo



tipsy and sniffy lang

Tipsy Lang (2001) and Sniffy Lang

This addition comes from Robin and Liesbeth Lang. It shows Tipsy and Sniffy drinking from their water bottle. Tipsy unfortunately died in September 2001 and is sadly missed.

Robin and Liesbeth






mambo and rusty

Mambo pictured here with her friend Rusty.

She was a beautiful friend to us all. Always there to make us laugh and never far away when we were sad. So loyal, she was always there at our feet. Innocent and beautiful, with her soft ears and twitching nose, we felt she would be with us forever. Now she no longer waits at our feet - but the memory lives on forever...

Sadly missed by her owners.


chong clench

Chong Clench

This is Cheech and Chong. Chong is sadly missed by his owners

Trevor and Anita




miffy and monty smith

Monty Smith 1992

Monty (pictured right) was Miffy's first friend and was an adoreable little character. Lizzie (RWAF Marketing/IT Exec) and M were devastated when she passed away at just 8 months old, but her memory will live on forever.

Lizzie and Michael




benson mitchell

Benson Mitchell

Here we have Benson BIG bun tending the flowers. Missed by Anne, RWAF Business Manager.







The adorable Sweep who had to have his front left leg removed - read all about him in Rabbiting On - Vol.2 Issue.2




coco dixie and miffy smith

Coco Smith 1993 - 2000
Dixie Smith 1993 - 2003
Miffy Smith 1992 - 2006

Best friends for years. These angels taught us so much about rabbits. Coco was a timid little soul with a penchant for papaya and skirting boards. Dixie was a huge softie who loved nothing more than snuggling up (apart perhaps, from food) and mother, Miffy, outlived them all. All three brought joy to our lives and we are so glad to have known them, despite the pain of losing them.

Lizzie and Michael.

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