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miffy smith

Miffy Smith 1992 - 2006

On 14th June, we said goodbye to our beloved Miffy, age 14. She was the apple of our eye and we still miss her terribly. Miffy started life as a hutch rabbit but soon moved into our home as well as into our hearts.

She had three babies: Pixie, Dixie and Coco. Sadly, Pixie died young, but Coco went on to live to 7 and Dixie to 10. All of them provided us with much love and entertainment over the years. We hope they are all happily reunited over rainbow bridge. Run free Miff.

Miffy was part of the inspitation in the formation of the RWAF (then British Houserabbit Association) and now lives on as one of the organisation Mascots. Lizzie and Michael

millie harrington

Millie Harrington 2003 - 2006

Millie was the most wonderful French Lop, an exceptionally beautiful butterfly agouti, and she died unexpectedly of liver failure on July 26th 2006, aged 3 years and 1 month. Millie Buns was the most loving and loveable bunny in the whole world. Lisa Harrington, Woking, Surrey






Dancer Whyte 2004 -2006

Dancer Whyte died 21st December 2006 aged 18 months , he was the most fabulous and amazing bunny and will be truly missed. Vicki Whyte

poppy murphy

Poppy Murphy 1998 - 2006

Please add my rabbit to the 2006 remebrance roll.

She was called Poppy, French Lop aged 8 1/2 years. born 8th March 1998. Died 21st May 2006

Despite lots of veterinary care Poppy was unable to walk. One Sunday morning she was very bad and I made the decision to have her put to sleep. However, we never made that visit and Poppy died in my arms and with my mother (her nana) who was there for comfort. Poppy is very much missed by us. A story about Poppy (Poppy's paws) was printed in the Winter 2006 edition of Rabbitting On . Carolyn Murphy

Jaffa May-09
Fusty May-18
Sweetpea Jul-13
Nobby Dec-24

All missed by Andy Baker


sally lord

Sally Lord 2002 - 2006

I would like to record the passing of our dear bunny Sally, aged 4 and a half, on 16th December 2006. Sally, a dwarf lop rescue bunny, had many health problems. She lost her sister Lottie when they were both neutered. However, she soon bonded with Bobby. She had to have her front teeth completely removed, and that took two operations, then she had to have several lots of treatment on her back teeth, under anaesthetic. Despite regular innoculations, she contracted myxomotosis a couple of years ago, but she made a full recovery.

Sally was full of fun. She and her companion Bobby were such good friends, and he misses her very much. She was cute and entertaining, and very lovable. She loved running about in their outside run, or snoozing in the sun. We got so used to cutting her fresh food into strips, and it was such a shame she could not bite the grass herself.
Sadly, Sally fell ill and had to have further dental treatment, from which she did not recover. She died very peacefully in our kitchen, on her favourite towel. She is greatly missed. Suzanne Lord

Clyde Hitchen 2000 - 2006

Please could you add our lovely bunny to your list? His name was Clyde and he passed away on October 24th 2006 aged 5 and a half years old.

Thank you and I think this is a lovely idea! Jackie and Keith Hitchen


clarabelle picken

Clarabelle Picken 2004 - 2006

Clarabelle 11/06/04 - 16/04/06. She is sadly missed every single day. Jenna Picken





Benny MacLean 1998 - 2006

My husband and I lost one of our beloved rabbits in 2006. His name was Benny - he was a 7 1/2 year old Lionhead. Benny was our first rabbit and taught us so much of what we know about their behaviour. He brought us laughter and joy on so many levels. He was a master of the art of flopping, and in his youth binkied with the grace only the greatest of rabbits could equal. We know he will now be with his love, Hazel, who has waited patiently and watched over him these past two years.

Until we meet again little prince. Cathy and Jonathan

herbert flack

Herbert Flack

My rabbits are all doing well, but sadly I lost my little black one, Herbert this year. He had a kidney tumour and fought valiently through a huge op to remove his kidney back in the autumn. Thanks to the skill of my fantastic vet and the vet nurses performing this operation he had another two months of really good quality normal life. Sadly, though the cancer came back and spread and he had to be put to sleep back in November.

We called him Herbert because the name meant 'warrior' and he was a belligerent little bunny when he was young! I didn't think we realised then what a battle he would have later in his life. I miss him and the rabbit family seems incomplete without him. Helen Flack

Flopsy and Flopsy Junior Dark

I would be grateful if you could add 2 for me, Dad and son. Flopsy and Flopsy Junior tragically died on 4th July 2006. Belinda Dark

sage floyd

Sage Floyd 1999 - 2006

Sage came to us from Cotton Tails Sanctuary following a very successful match up with our mini lop Bracken. In theory he was a birthday present for our younger daughter but in truth we wanted a friend for Bracken.

He had a rough start and a series of owners who looked after him but didn't really want him. As a result it took several years to regain confidence but once he came to realise that he was part of the family he became a great character, not always pro human on his own territory, but once on the patio or in the house as friendly and affectionate as could be. He had a habit of flinging toys and feed bowls about and I remember one splendid occasion when he picked up a metal feed bowl and proceeded to bang Bracken repeatedly on the head with it, great metallic clanks bringing us rushing out to see what was happening. She wouldn't speak to him for hours after that insult!

Sadly Sage died without warning one quiet sunny Sunday morning in December 2006. One moment he was digging a scrape on the rockery with clods of earth spraying out onto the patio, and then suddenly it was silent - he just lay down and went to sleep. I've never attempted CPR on a rabbit but did so then, sadly to no avail. Ros Floyd

Mary Robinson and husband Wilfred

I would like to add the Names Mary Robinson who lost her life at the age of 8 years who will be sadly missed and her Husband Wilfred who also lost his life just 6 months before Mary... Jude Williams


Bramble 1999-2006

At the beginning of December Bramble lost her battle against kidney stones and calcium induced blindness. She was a lovely pure black bunny with large ears and a cautious attitude to anything except food. Running free in the grassy rabbit paddocks in our garden she always looked vaguely guilty, as though you had caught her at the fridge at midnight!
She is very much missed by us, and by her sister Parsnip and ‘dwarf' friend Sweet Pea (who she is pictured with) and the rest of the rabbits here. Twigs Way

Ronald Green

I would like my rabbit "Ronald" to be placed on the remembrance roll. My family and I miss him dearly as he was such a special rabbit. Helen Green

macgregor wilson

MacGregor Wilson

I'd like to add our MacGregor, a handsome and very brave boy. Being a rescue, we have many buns coming through our doors, however some of them cannot be rehomed and spend the rest of their lives with us. MacGregor was one of those buns. He suffered a variety of health problems most of which were a bit of a mystery. We don't know exactly how old he was (previous owners couldn't remember) but he wasn't an old bunny. He learned to love life indoors and spent a lot of time sitting on the sofa with us watching telly. MacGregor went to Rainbow Bridge on the 13th of January 2006, his passing wasn't as peaceful as we would have liked but we stayed with him right to the end.

Till we meet again, binky free wee man, we love you and think of you every day, you were a very special boy.
Lynda, Jim and all the C.A.R.R.O.T bunnies

Coco Hogan 2004 - 2006
Flapjack Hogan 2005 - 2006

Greatly missed. Alison Hogan

Benjamin Pickles Harvey 1998 - 2006

Harlequin Lop aged 8 years Much loved family member who we lost in August 2006. Sandra Harvey

Evie Fudge 2001- 2006

I love your idea of a remembrance roll for bunnies who passed on in 2006. Could I please add Evie who died March 26th 2006 at the age of 4 years, 9 months. Margaret E Fudge.

Hob Price 2001 - 2006

Hob sadly passed away on 18 April 2006 after the vet had an accident whilst filing some of his back teeth. He fought for 4 days but unfortunately didn't recover. He is missed everyday and has left a massive whole in our lives – he was our baby. James and Lydia


Perry - 2006

In November 2006, we lost our beautiful boy, Perry. A rescue bunny, with his girl, Pernod, he had the sweetest nature and was such a curious boy. He never really recovered from dental surgery, and after a brave fight, we had to let him go to The Bridge. We all miss him so much, he was such a big part of our lives. We will always love you, my little man. Jan, John and Pernod


charlie and lily

Charlie and Lily

The gorgeous Charlie and his companion, Lily will be missed very much by Tracey and Darren

Sadly, on the 24th February 2006, the beautiful Lily passed away. She was such a brave little girl throughout her life and both Lily and Charlie gave so much happiness to her Mummy and Daddy, and were adorable companions to each other.

They are both dearly missed by RWAF members Tracey and Darren Wisbey, but are comforted to know that the two adorable bunnies are now together again.





shadow rose

Shadow Rose 28th June1996 - 8th November 2006

When your daddy died two years ago, you stepped into his shoes with your love. You were always an incredibly sensitive and loyal little bunny and always came running to my side when you saw me in tears. You hung on for so long to be here for me, now it's your daddy's turn to look after you & give you lots of cuddles. I still miss you enormously my gorgeous boy x. Gill

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