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The very worst part about having pets is losing them. Sometimes they have been our companions for just a short time, other times they have been our companions for many years. Whatever the situation, losing them can be very hard and often difficult to get over. This part of the website is dedicated to those rabbits who enriched our lives and have gone to live over Rainbow Bridge...

Rainbow Bridge (author unknown)

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal, any kind of animal, dies that has been especially close to someone , that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill or old are restored to good health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, someone who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent, his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face, your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

If you have lost a rabbit and need someone to talk to who will understand your grief, please remember that the RWAF provides a pet bereavement counselling service to members. So do please contact us if you feel you need to and we hope to help make these hard times a little easier.

"I don't know how I would have coped without your support line. No matter how many times I rang, often hysterical and incoherent, I was never made to feel a nuisance. Whilst family and friends could not find the time for me, the voice at the end of the help line never let me down."
Kayte Webster

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Tan: (died 15th August 2013)


Even thought he passed on more than a year ago... He still plays a massive part in my life. Tan taught me things about rabbits and he really opened my eyes to see how amazing rabbits are.

In 2004 my mum and dad got my older sister a rabbit. She was about 8 or 9 and I was only a few years old. My sister picked Tan. He was a cute baby one nor was he outgoing. For a few years my sister looked after him until she started losing interest in him.

For 2 years Tan was put aside and it became a chore for my mum to go down the garden and feed him. When I was 9 I started to go down to see him most days.

Then I started looking after him as though he was mine the whole time.

My mum and I finally researched and knew his lifestyle needed changing. We made him a run to go on the grass we started buying him toys and treats and most importantly we realised that hay is so important in a rabbits diet. For about a year I looked after him dutifully and I knew he was so much happier with life.

Until Tan started to get a bad leg and this failed him we had him on medication for six weeks but cleaning it everyday so it was free from poo and flies. As Tans leg got worse he could just about walk. Until I noticed that he had maggots. We rushed him to the vets and at 8 and a half years old and a bad leg. My mum and I made the decision to put him to sleep . I was heartbroken.

I know Tan went through a time I his life where he was ignored and I hope I made it up to him in the last year and a half we had together making memories that should of been made already. Tan taught me a lot and now I couldn't imagine a life without a rabbit. I know it's never a good idea to get rabbits for children but sometimes I think there is an exception to the rule. I'm still only a teenager but Marble my current rabbit is my world.

Tan I'm sorry for all the times my family let you down. I still think about you all the time...

I love you xx

Dylan - December 20th 2013.

My darling honeybun. I lost you on 20th December last year but could not bring myself to visit the Rainbow Bridge until now as the pain of losing you was unbearable. You were my first house bunny and I fell in love with you the first time I saw you up for adoption.

Sleep well my darling, I hope to meet you again one day

Bertie (black) and Frisco (brown) passed April 2013.

Bertie and Frisco

These were my two special boys who were half wild and I had raised from birth. They were an unexpected litter but brought great happiness to me. Bertie sadly passed first, was a shock as he was only 6 months old. He died of a suspected neurological problem. Two days later, my boy Frisco died from heartbreak of losing his brother.

I will never forget the way you used to cheekily escape from your pens and run riot around the neighbours gardens. The way you would chew any toy to pieces, jump into cardboard boxes and the way you two cuddled up together in the evenings.

I love you both, my little bunny boppers. My first pet rabbits at aged 15 and I will never forget you.

Rest in peace Bertie Bopper and Frisco Disco.
x x x x x

Here is a picture of them two happily munching on grass in the sun.

Custard died April 2013

Custard was a very special tan and white boy as he was the first rabbit I had bonded with my harlequin Treacle. He really brought Treacle out of his shell as would not previously go past the garage door but Custard gave him the confidence to explore the whole garden and Custard I thank you for that. II had you for 4 years and thought the world of you.

You left me so suddenly and we all miss you so much.

Caramel died November 2013

Little Caramel was about 12 weeks old when I rescued him from the RSPCA. He sadly was only with me 5 weeks. It was such a shame as he could have had such a nice life playing in the garden with his brothers. He gave me a lot of pleasure in the 5 short weeks I knew him.

Miss you little man.

Coco 15/04/2003 - 17/12/2013


Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing we have ever had to do.

We got to watch you grow from a tiny kitten into the sweetest, most loving little bunny, and we have so many wonderful memories of you.

Even though we got to spend more than ten years with you, it still wasn't enough. We are all heartbroken that you are no longer with us and will miss you always.

Love you most little rabbit.

Baxter, March 2012 - December 2013


Baxter was a beautiful rescue bun with the most gorgeous white fur and flecks of grey and brown. He was so adorable to look at and not at all bothered by humans like me. Peaches fell madly in love with him from first sight and I thought it would be lovely for her to have another companion after losing our sweet Basil. But Baxter was incredibly quiet for a young bunny. He didn't seem to want to do much other than rest and relax. Ten days after bringing him home, he suddenly stopped eating and despite all efforts the vets could not save him. We had him for exactly twelve days. I was devastated. Poor Peaches was so confused. First her beloved Basil was gone and now her adored Baxter. I am so upset that such a beautiful young bunny will never get to have the life he so deserved and truly hope Basil and his sister Clover are there to comfort Baxter at the Rainbow Bridge.

We will never forget him and miss him so much.

Daisy Bo 24/5/08 to 28/11/13

Daisy Bo

Daisy (affectionately known as "Crazy Daisy Bo") with us from 24/5/08 to 28/11/13.

Daisy came to us via a friend when she was about 7 months old. She had been badly treated at a petting zoo and there was no home for her to go to. We had just lost our previous house rabbit and our friend really wanted us to take her - couldn't say no.

Within a month of having her we took in another bunny Bud who we were able to quickly bond with Daisy. They spent a very happy 5yrs and 3mths together until Bud died in September. I think this took its toll on Daisy and she developed several lumps. She had quite a few injections but the vet did say it was only a matter of time. Sadly yesterday she took a turn for the worse and died in our lounge this morning while we were with her.

We have lost 3 buns in 11 months and now have no more. It is so hard but as Christians we have hope of being reunited on the new earth with all our pets. Daisy was such a great bunny so entertaining who liked to be in charge but she also had a lovely gentle side to her. Daisy will always be known as "Rabbiting On Autumn 2013" cover page bunny. It was also really special this morning after she died that the next issue arrived and Bud is featured in the Paw prints section. Bunnies make such an impact and they are so easy to love.

Jennifer and Lance Botelle



Saffron was a beautiful tiny, light brown bunny described as very timid, but I was sure my gentle boy Clover would put her at her ease, and he did. She adored him, they were always snuggled up and grooming each other. She was affectionate but not demanding. They just seemed so right together.

She was young, lively and loved her food, and I looked forward to years with her. But after only six months she stopped eating one morning, and after four anxious days trying desparately to save her, she was gone.

For such a tiny bunny she's left a huge gap in our lives. Clover misses the snuggles they shared, and I miss just watching her being herself.

Basil, 5th May 1995 - November 18th 2013


I used to tell people that if Basil were human he would be the person described as being "liked by everyone he met." Good natured, kind hearted and loved by all who met him.

Very friendly, laid back and just so kind. His sister Clover died 0n 05th Nov 2012 and he was so sad but when I brought Peaches home he did everything he could to make her comfortable. He cared for her, washed her and re-assured her that she would be safe and well cared for and really brought her out of her shell.

His loss is the biggest I will ever have to endure. No other animals will ever mean quite so much to me as Basil and Clover. I cannot express how much sadness this has brought me or how much I will miss him.

Lilly, Jack and Freddie

Lilly Freddie and Jack

Lilly Freddie and Jack

Lilly Freddie and Jack

Lilly (The Princess)

Lilly, a huge thank you for making me realise how super, sweet and funny rabbits are. You made me love rabbits in the first place! I love watching you binky as high as the sky and nibble on your corn (your favourite!). Love you Lilly Putt! xxxxxxxxxx

Jack (The Troublemaker)

Jack, a huge thank you for encouraging me to help animal charities. You made me volunteer at Fat Fluffs in the first place! I love watching you sway and chomp on your spring greens (your favourite!). Love you Jackie Boy xxxxxxxxxx

Freddie (The Gnome)

Freddie, a huge thank you for making me realise how important it is to take proper care of rabbits. You made me get serious about being a trainee vet! I love watching you flop on your side and gulp down kale (your favourite!). Love you Freddio xxxxxxxxxx

A note to all you rabbit owners who have had a loss:

Just because you have lost a pet doesn't mean they are no longer yours. If they are you family member, if they pass, they are still a family member, so it's the same with your pets.

I will always love you, my buns. Your crazy antics and loving cuddles will always be in my heart. You are 3 in a billion trillion, and I can't thank you enough for being in my life.
Love you forever and always
Caitlin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Valentine, 20th 0ctober 2013




Valentine died 20th 0ctober 2013, she battled with hind leg paralysis for six weeks prob caused by EC.

You fought so hard I think you knew I couldn't let you go, however I asked that when you had enough to let me know, on 19th October we cuddled on the couch, I whispered don't be afraid to die, I will never leave your side, on the 20th October you said goodbye, I held you in my arms it broke my heart, however you seemed to smile and seemed to say although we have to part it will only be for a little while.



Bella, I can't get used to the fact you're not there when I wake up, stomping your feet, demanding breakfast and cuddles.

I am so sorry I failed and couldn't save you. You were taken long before your time, and I wish I had done more.

I hope that wherever you are now, there are hundreds of newspapers that need shredding, apples dropping everywhere, bed linen to bite holes in and head massages available 24/7.

Adopting you was the best decision I have ever made and I will see you again.

I love you more than words.


Bob, from the moment I adopted you, you have brought so much happiness to our house. We will miss you running around the house and getting up to mischief and your binkys. Cant believe you have gone so suddenly but so glad we had the chance to love you and spoil you rotten!

We will miss you terribly and love you so much. xxx


My darling Tigger

I only had you for less than a year but I will never forget you.

Rosie misses you and wonders what happened to you, as I do. I cannot bury you or have a grave to have you still with us, and I am so sorry I let you down. Please forgive me.

Happy 1st birthday Tiggie, you will always be remembered, much loved and much missed.

Goodbye Tiggie whereever you are now

Lots of love and kisses




Oswald was a six year old orange rex. We rescued him when he was 10 months old, from a life of misery.

He was a beautiful, wonderful and feisty rabbit who had bags of character. He brought a tremendous amount of joy and happiness into our lives.

We will miss you very much and our memories of you will be treasured in our hearts forever.

I am glad you are no longer suffering and have found peace. I really hope that one day we may meet again. We love you very much.

Jackie & Mark xxxx xxx


Bunny Daisy

Bud came to us in a wonderful way 5 years/3months ago when we had just got Daisy Bo (Rabbiting on front cover bun Autumn 2013).

We had not intended to get anymore buns but a friends neighbour could no longer keep him and my husband had already fallen in love with him (long story).

We decided to try and bond Bud and Daisy - we had never tried bonding buns before but it worked a treat and they spent over 5 very happy years together.

Sadly about 8 weeks ago Bud developed teeth problems - he was operated on and all seemed ok. Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago the issue came back. Last Wednesday he had another op. but never bounced back from this one - he stopped eating and although my husband tried everything to try and get him to eat -even syringe feeding him nothing worked. Bud passed away in one of his favourite spots while I stroked him and his beloved Daisy looked on at him. He has left a massive void in our house and Daisy does seem a little lost without him. We are Christians and trust that the Lord is in control of all things.

What a pleasure and a blessing it has been to have such a wonderful bunny like Bud in our lives.

Lilly and Freddie.

Lilly and Freddie

Lilly and Freddie

Lilly, the 'Princess' as we lovingly called her, passed on Easter sunday aged 6 and a half years. A bunny who will always be in my heart. Love you forever xxxxx

Freddie, the 'Gnome' as we lovingly called him, passed away July 21st aged 1 and a half years. A bunny who will always be in my heart. Love you forever xxxxx

Now they play happily together at Rainbow Bridge. They are not just pets, they are my life, and will always be part of it.

Love you both so much, love Jack (Freddie's brother and Lilly's brother-in-law) and Caitlin (Devoted mum) I will always love you

Miffy Buns

Miffs, I can't believe it's almost a year since you passed away; I still miss you terribly every day, and I feel such sadness you're not with me anymore. There was still so much we had to do together, but I cherish all the times we had so very much and I'm thankful for those, I really am button.

I hope you're happy wherever you are, and I know you're always looking over me.

Love you Miffs, so very much; Rest in peace little one. All my love, Mummy and Bear xxxxx

Pipkin - June 2003 to July 2013


Pipkin finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, no doubt to seek out her beloved Benji.

She fought with increasing disability over the last few months, but always seemed keen to carry on despite everything.

She will be sorely missed by all of us, but particularly Arlie who is now pining for his buddy.

Sleep well little girl

Lots of love from Andrew, Nicola, Oliver and Megan and all your bunny friends.

Sutty - 2013

Sutty, our beautiful black baby girl, was a wonderful little rabbit. Her sister Rosie is not the same without her.

Most of these days are glum without her, it's like a big piece of my heart has been cruelly taken from me. Sutty was lying in her hutch, when I went to check on her and Rosie. I noticed she had diarreah and immediately told my parents to come quick (I'm 11 now, I was 10). My Mum told me to take in Rosie and keep her my little sister and I, in the front living room. It was horrifying to not know what was happening to her, I froze on the spot. When my parents told my little sister and I, she was gone, I burst out crying. We had a mini funeral in out garden, so she could rest. I hope our little Angel will have a fantastic life over Rainbow Bridge.

We love you tonnes, Sutty.

Lady Elsa and Viscount Caspar - May 2013

I look at the bunnyshed and my grief, knowing that I'll never see you again, is unbearable. I tried to protect you, Lady Elsa and Viscount Casper, and my sadness over your loss and the way it happened is so hard to bear. Our family and dear friends will never forget you.

Binky free sweet bunnies.

Timmy - 31st January 2013


Timmy had just turned 2 when we lost our darling baby boy. He had two years of occasional "tummy aches" which became increasingly frequent. The vets did not know what was causing these tummy aches, but each time Timmy had one, we gave him pain relief and force fed him to get him out the other side and back to his normal affectionate happy self. Luckily he was a house rabbit, which meant we were so tuned in to his behavior - we knew he was ill straight away so we could help our baby. Then on the 31st of January, he lost his battle to a tummy ache as he obtained bloat. He fought for 5 days, and was a living miracle for that time, until he contracted E.cuniculi which took advantage of his weak condition. It was truly heart breaking to watch and we didn't want to give up on him, because Timmy didn't want to leave us.

Timmy will always be remembered, loved and missed, he was not just a rabbit, he was like a human, an adopted child. He was funny, affectionate, loving, and would wash anyone that he met, and always binkyed around the house being his mischievous playful self. We love you Timmy, forever and always.

Mark, Christie, Smokey (Timmy's twin), Snowy and Tigger

Scamp - 29th March 2013


Scamp our darling, left us on 29 March 2013 at the age of 7 years and 11 months.

Mum and Grandma love and miss you so much. You gave us 7 and a half years of love and fun. You are gone from our lives, but will never leave our hearts.

Our only comfort is that now you are running free at rainbow bridge, able to move properly and see again, playing with Basil and Lisa's bunnies Thumper and Arfur.

Goodnight Bunnyman God bless.


We only had Snowball in our lives for five months. She was a lovely little bunny and we were so glad to have adopted her. She already had health problems but we had hoped she could have a long life with us. We hope you are jumping and playing little angel. And we will see you again one day.

Mummy, Daddy and Flossy xxxx

Poppy - 12th January 2013, aged 7 years and 9 months


Poppy, I miss you so much. We had some good times together, you shared so much love and affection. Sadly lost aged 7 years 9 months after battling recovery from a stroke.

Will never be forgotten.

Hunny, Poppy and Jasper

Poppy and Jasper

Our 3 bunsters, Hunny, Poppy and Jasper are all at Rainbow Bridge together, we have such wonderful memories of each of them and smile when we remember the binkies and flops.

Each of them had their own personality and brought such happiness to our family.

Our love for them has made us love bunsters even more and our remaining 16 bunsters bring us so much joy. I am so glad bunsters came into our lives 10 years ago.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge my babies x

FLOSSIE - February 21st 2013, aged 4


Our beautiful Flossie, died very suddenly on February 21st 2013, aged 4, a stunning blue french lop, faithful sister to Archie, so very loved so dreadfully missed, gone to Rainbow Bridge to be greeted by Poppy, Oliver, Oscar and Benji, one big french Lop family re-united.

We Love you Floss!!
Night night big bunny xx

Miffy Morgan

Miffy Morgan, we miss you very much and we know that Mummy is lost without you but your continuing presence is felt every day because of who you were.

I know not a single day goes by that Mummy does'nt miss you as you were were such a big part of her life, and always will be.

Gone but never forgotten.
Grandmabums and Grandpabuns

RORY - December 2012


Loved and adored by the Hall family. Adopted from a rescue in December 2011 with health problems that we tried so hard to make better.

Although you were a quiet bunny, a very strong and loving bond formed very quickly. We adored you.

You loved your friend George the guinea pig and became the best house rabbit anyone could wish for. You loved having cuddles and doing bunny flops. You were so very brave during all the vets treatment that you had until in December 2012 you became very poorly. We tried so hard to keep you but very sadly you went to sleep on 12/12/12.

We miss you more than words can say and you have left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. We are so sad that we had you for such a short time but are just grateful that we had you at all.

We love you Rory and will always miss you.

All our love forever,
The Hall Family. xxxxxxxxx

Miffy Buns

It's six months on Thursday since I lost you, and Bear and I miss you more and more every day; you've left such a huge gap in my life, and I am still so upset by the way you left me.

I can often sense you with me, so I know you are looking after me as you always did!

I hope you're okay wherever you are, and rest in peace my Angel.

Mummy and Bear xxxxxxx

Cleo - January 2013


Our beautiful little Lionhead Mini- Lop Cleo was cruelly taken from us in January 2013.

Nothing in this world has given our family such joy and love as Cleo, who bonded us together and brought so much happiness to our lives. She was only three years old and our little baby bunny will be sorely missed.

I cannot put into words how much it hurts to know I will never hold you again, or be cleaned by you while I lie down with you on your binky mat.

Love you forever Cleo, we made this video as a tribute to you. Everytime I watch it, I feel profound sadness and joy in equal measure.

We'll never forget you. Love Sylvie, Fiona and Danielle.

Flo - January 2013


Remembering Flo who lost her long battle with illness last Sunday. She was a beautiful old lady who shared our lives for 9 years.

We will never forget her. xxx

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