Find a rabbit

So you think you want a rabbit? Despite being the third most popular pet in the UK, rabbits are among the most abused and neglected.  Countless rabbits spend miserable lives confined to a small hutch, alone and with little or no exercise, mostly because of the ignorance of their owners. Before you go ahead, please read our information leaflet section to decide if a rabbit is really for you.

The RWAF urges you NOT to buy rabbits from pet shops or garden centres. While we can't speak for every establishment that sells rabbits, since our foundation back in 1996, we've heard hundreds of reports of bad advice having been given in-store, leading to misery for both rabbit and owner. A major problem is that rabbits can be difficult to sex at an early age and many are are mis-sexed by store staff. Do you really want a whole litter of rabbits on your hands? Another common problem is that pet shop staff often miss underlying health problems - for example, maloclusion - and new owners can end up with hefty vet bills.

Why not offer a home to a rescue rabbit?

Many people don't understand the work involved in looking after these wonderful creatures and inevitably, lots of them will end up at a rescue centres, unwanted and unloved. There are currently over 33,000 unwanted rabbits living in Rabbit Rescue Centres up and down the country. Locating a rescue rabbit couldn't be easier using the wonderful service offered by the Rabbit Rehome UK website:*

rabbit rehome website

Rabbit Rehome UK allows rescue centres and individuals to enter details of rabbits in need of new homes. Rabbit lovers can then search for rabbits to adopt using a variety of search filters, such as age, sex, breed and location. You can even search for rabbits that have been vaccinated and neutered, both extremely important considerations for responsible rabbit owners.

Rabbits are social creatures and need companionship, quite often you will find that Rabbit Rehome has bonded rabbits looking for homes, which means that you won't have to worry about finding a suitable partner for you bunny.

Pictures are available for most of the rabbits on Rabbit Rehome. You are sure to find a rabbit that is perfect for you.

*Rabbit Rehome UK is an independent organisation and not part of the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund. Any queries regarding Rabbit Rehome should therefore, be directed to the Rabbit Rehome site owner.

If you wish to find a rescue centre in your local area please phone the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund helpline or view a list of rescue centres compiled by the RWAF and Rabbit Rehome.