Indoor Accommodation

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An example of an unsuitable sized cage

unsuitable cage (26K)

Sarah Naisby

A cage this size would only be suitable for a rabbit recovering after an operation. Rabbits enjoy space to roam and explore, a rabbit in a cage of this size would become bored and frustrated.

A better option would be a dog crate with a run attached

dog crate with run attached(23K)

Kirsty Baker

Try to buy the biggest crate you can, either a 'large' or 'giant'. The run can be constructed from puppy panels. The panels are attached to the crate with cable ties with the door to the run kept permanently open. The tray in the crate is made of correx, this stops bedding been kicked over the side. Correx can be bought from sign makers.

Free ranging

Free ranging means no crate, cage or hutch. You could even have a room dedicated to your rabbit

free ranging(18K)

'Julie'. Owner Alice Maillet

free ranging (22K)


Or you could just allow your rabbits access when you are able to supervise them and allow them access to a secure crate and run when unsupervised. You will have to ensure the area is bunny proofed. This means moving everything that you wouldn't want chewed! Cable tidies will protect cables that can't be hidden away. Most house plants are toxic to rabbits so should be removed. Ensure your rabbits have access to a safe area to sleep and rest in. Rabbits are generally clean animals and can be litter trained.

Rabbits will often tolerate living with other pets in the household.

other pets (19K)


other pets (16K)

Steph Goodings

However supervise introductions carefully and separate if aggression is shown.

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