Rabbits stolen from Surrey / Hampshire border

Yet another distressing message from an owner who has had rabbits stolen from the garden. Please ensure that your fencing is safe and garden gates are bolted and where possible are padlocked. Its also an idea to padlock any hutch and run doors too, this is becomming more common.

Emma has contacted the police and has been advised to speak to her local vets, rescue shelters and pet shops in the hope that they have been found and handed in.

We have Emma’s contact details if anyone has any information to pass to her.

This is her message below:

I’m not sure if you deal with this sort of thing but i’m emailing anyone i can find in desperation. My two rabbits have been stolen/let out of their hutches while we were at work today and i want to get in touch with as many people as possible in the hope of getting them back.

The smallest one is called Shandy and he is light brown and white, he is very friendly once he feels safe with someone and loves giving kisses and being cuddled, he is a dwarf dutch. The 2nd rabbit is called Dylan he is grey and white, he has a skin allergy resulting in the loss of some of his fur on his sides, he is shyer than Shandy and doesn’t like to be cuddled just likes to be stroked when he knows someone, he is a dutch english cross and a lot bigger than Shandy.

Both rabbits mean an awful lot to our family and we are desperate for their return. If you can help in anyway or direct me to someone who can help we would be extremely grateful. The rabbits have gone missing from the Mytchett area near the Quays pub, the police have been informed as the rabbits couldn’t have escaped and the doors on their hutches were closed behind them. I have pictures that i can circulate if required.

Year FOR the rabbit.

Well it’s now the Chinese year of the rabbit, so happy new bunny year everyone!

Rather than this being the year of the rabbit, we want to make this a great year for the rabbit.

Your support is crucial so please keep keep on checking the postings on facebook for news on our campaigns, and see how you can help. And look out for our new website that’s coming soon – and if you know anybody who has a rabbit then please point them in our direction.

Thanks everyone!

VHD outbreak reported in Scotland

Scotlands wild rabbit population is in danger of being totally wiped out by a deadly disease which is killing them in their thousands.

Colonies from the Borders to Aberdeen are being decimated by an outbreak of Viral Haemorrhagic disease. Experts have warned that the plague which strikes wild and pet rabbits could kill as much as 90% of the Scottish population and are calling for more to be done to monitor its spread. “

Please be aware that VHD is highly contagious and once this virus takes a real hold in the countryside, it will sweep down from Scotland into England and Wales very quickly. How can pet rabbits catch VHD ?

* Hay may have been in contact with infected wild rabbits as grass growing in the field.

* Birds or insects may transport the virus on their feet ( or in their droppings) to your rabbits grazing on the lawn

* The virus may be blown on the wind

* You may bring the virus home on your feet ( or car wheels from rabbit droppings)

Please ensure that your rabbit has been vaccinated for both VHD and Myxomatosis and warn family or friends with a bunny how important it is that they are protected.

Rabbits – not a cheap childrens pet.

Many people are surprised at how much it costs to properly care for two rabbits, so here is some information that everyone who is considering getting a rabbit should read before they take the plunge. Unlike Cats and Dogs which are not usually available from pet shops, rabbits are readily available and can be bought on impulse, without the full facts being known. It is not acceptable to keep a single rabbit confined to a hutch, yet it happens all too often, making rabbits the most neglected pets in the UK. Please don’t make the same mistake and cause unnecessary suffering.

It’s very common that a few months after purchase, the cute fluffy babies are fully grown rabbits and become unwanted, and either end up in rescue, or even worse, neglected at the bottom of the garden. Rabbits should live up to 10 years, but often don’t make it to four because of poor diet and living standards. A hutch simply is not enough – read on to see what rabbits need and how much you should expect to pay.

Initial set up costs
2 rabbits £60 – £100
(Rabbits should never be kept alone, they do get lonely)
Neutering of 2 rabbits – up to £180
(rabbits need to be neutered to live happily together and prevent accidental litters of rabbits)
Hutch / Run / Enclosure – £200 would be the minimum but could be up to £500.
(We recommend a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch as a minimum with an attached 8 ft run, and you will really have to be lucky to get this for less than £400)
Bedding, bowls etc – £30
Toys £10
Hay / food – £20

Total initial set up costs – allow £930

Then monthly costs of
Hay – £15
(if buying pre packed, dust free from pet shops)
Good quality food £10
Bedding – £10
Fresh Vegetables – £20
Insurance – £15
Total Monthly costs – £70.00
Per annum this is £840

Then annual costs of
2 x myxi vaccines per year, per bunny – £100 on average
1 x VHD vaccine per annum per bunny – £50 on average
2 weeks in bunny boarding while you have your annual holiday – £70
Total annual costs in addition to usual monthly costs – £220

Added to usual monthly costs per annum the cost is £1060

Dental disease is very common and is very often due to poor diet, eg lack of hay, or lack of exercise, i.e. not letting the rabbits out of their hutch, so please don’t think that you can save money by cutting corners, because this usually ends in an ill rabbit and a huge vet bill. Dental procedures can be around £80 per bunny, and are usually avoidable if the diet and accommodation is right.

Rabbits should live on average for 10 years, so including the set up costs, to keep 2 rabbits properly will cost you on average over £11,550. Are you sure you still want to buy the children a pet rabbit now?!

Cutting corners and doing things on the cheap by keeping one rabbit alone in a small hutch, with a poor diet etc, is not an option that any decent person should consider. If you can’t afford to do it right, then don’t do it at all. There are other animals that may be more suitable .

Thousands of rabbits end up in rescue centres every year because children pester their parents for a cute fluffy bunny and then the novelty soon wears off. How many of your children’s toys are they playing with 6 months later? Let alone 12 months, 2 years, 10 years etc. Don’t be another statistic, do it right.

You should only consider taking on rabbits if you can put the time to them and give them a life that they deserve – A HUTCH IS NOT ENOUGH

The Magicians – BBC One, 15th January 2011

Good grief, did anyone see ‘The Magicians’ last night? Surely the use of live rabbits was not necessary and as a prey species the rabbits looked scared, were handled inappropriately, depicted inappropriately (cramped in a small shed and in buckets!) and we fear that children may try to copy what they saw on a prime time show which should quite frankly have known better. We can only be grateful that they stopped short of pulling them out by their ears.


It starts from around 40 minutes in.

We have written to the BBC to complain about the use of live rabbits on the show and would encourage anyone else who was offended, upset or angered by what they saw to do the same.

The BBC’s ‘how to make a complaint’ link can be found here:


Urgent help needed for PACT rescue

This message was sent out earlier this week via our First Alert service, if you can spare anything to help the rescue that have taken on 74 rabbits, 30 of which may be pregnant (litters are already being born) please help.



‘PACT’ animal santuary in Norfolk (UK) comes to the rescue of 74 Rabbits including babies that were living in filthy, squalid conditions- they need your help now please, this is a desperate situation!! Some of the Rabbits are sick and need veterinary help.

Donations/loving forever homes needed to help these desperate Rabbits

‘PACT’ animal santuary in Norfolk (UK) are asking for our immediate help today. They have recently come to the vital rescue of 74 Rabbits including their babies that were living in filthy, squalid conditions- they need your help now!

Please view the disturbing photos below of the conditions that these poor Rabbits and their babies had to endure including dead animals found in a bonfire!! Please read PACT’s damning report below and help them to help these animals in need.


New Year Resolutions – how you can help improve rabbit welfare.

Please make one of your New Year resolutions helping to improve rabbit welfare.

What is your New Year resolution? Losing weight? Giving up Smoking? Going to the gym more often? Please make one resolution that is easy to keep and help us to improve rabbit welfare, here are some of the ways you can help us:

Please join The Rabbit Welfare Association (or make sure you renew your membership)
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Use ‘every click’ as your search engine
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Use ‘ easy fundraising’ for shopping.
You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from our site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the cause you wish to support.

For example, spend £25 with WH Smith and 3.5% will be donated. You will have raised £0.88, at no extra cost to your purchase. Make any purchase from Amazon and 2.5% will be donated. Insure your car with Direct Line and raise £35.00, or purchase a mobile phone from O2 and earn £17.50, and so on.

You can shop with 2000+ Brand Name retailers and to raise funds you just use the links from our site first – it’s that simple!

You can support us by joining via this link:

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Ask for a free car sticker!
Please get in touch and we will be happy to send you a free ‘ a hutch is not enough’ car sticker, or you may be able persuade your local Vet, Pet Shop or School to put one in their window. It will all help to help us drum our message that ‘a hutch is not enough’

Ask for some leaflets.
Most of us have probably encountered a friend, neighbour or work mate that has a single rabbit kept in a hutch in the garden. We know this isn’t how rabbits should be kept and you might lose sleep thinking about the poor bun, but it can be awkward to approach the subject. Why not ask for a bundle of our leaflets to pass to them instead, and let them do the talking. You could always say you have read them and they may find them interesting to avoid making it confrontational.

Order flowers from Charity Flowers
And we will receive 15% of the total spent.
24 hour order hotline 08705 300 600
24 hour fax ordering 01481 255590
Order on line www.charityflowers.co.uk
Please quote the charity source code RWAF when ordering

Send us your used stamps:
Used stamps can be turned into much needed funds for The RWAF. All types of stamps including first and second class, commemorative, foreign and First Day Covers are welcome. Simply send to the Horsham P O Box.

The RWAF team would like to wish you and your bunnies all a happy and healthy 2011, and thank you for supporting us.

Alan, Anne, Lizzie & Rae.