The Magicians – BBC One, 15th January 2011

Good grief, did anyone see ‘The Magicians’ last night? Surely the use of live rabbits was not necessary and as a prey species the rabbits looked scared, were handled inappropriately, depicted inappropriately (cramped in a small shed and in buckets!) and we fear that children may try to copy what they saw on a prime time show which should quite frankly have known better. We can only be grateful that they stopped short of pulling them out by their ears.

It starts from around 40 minutes in.

We have written to the BBC to complain about the use of live rabbits on the show and would encourage anyone else who was offended, upset or angered by what they saw to do the same.

The BBC’s ‘how to make a complaint’ link can be found here:

Urgent help needed for PACT rescue

This message was sent out earlier this week via our First Alert service, if you can spare anything to help the rescue that have taken on 74 rabbits, 30 of which may be pregnant (litters are already being born) please help.



‘PACT’ animal santuary in Norfolk (UK) comes to the rescue of 74 Rabbits including babies that were living in filthy, squalid conditions- they need your help now please, this is a desperate situation!! Some of the Rabbits are sick and need veterinary help.

Donations/loving forever homes needed to help these desperate Rabbits

‘PACT’ animal santuary in Norfolk (UK) are asking for our immediate help today. They have recently come to the vital rescue of 74 Rabbits including their babies that were living in filthy, squalid conditions- they need your help now!

Please view the disturbing photos below of the conditions that these poor Rabbits and their babies had to endure including dead animals found in a bonfire!! Please read PACT’s damning report below and help them to help these animals in need.


New Year Resolutions – how you can help improve rabbit welfare.

Please make one of your New Year resolutions helping to improve rabbit welfare.

What is your New Year resolution? Losing weight? Giving up Smoking? Going to the gym more often? Please make one resolution that is easy to keep and help us to improve rabbit welfare, here are some of the ways you can help us:

Please join The Rabbit Welfare Association (or make sure you renew your membership)
Our membership is our main source of income, so if you love rabbits, please join or ensure you renew your membership when the time comes. Members receive a copy of our fantastic quarterly magazine and help us fund many projects such as our campaigning work, the helpline which is open 365 days a year and leaflet production and distribution.

To join follow this link:

If you already a member (thank you) please sign up to pay by standing order, or world pay recurring payment, so that we can save admin costs on renewal notices and you can be certain never to miss an issue of Rabbiting On.

Use ‘every click’ as your search engine
It’s powered by Yahoo and you can raise money for rabbit welfare simply by browsing the web! It won’t cost you a penny and it’s really easy to use.
More details are here:

Use ‘ easy fundraising’ for shopping.
You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from our site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the cause you wish to support.

For example, spend £25 with WH Smith and 3.5% will be donated. You will have raised £0.88, at no extra cost to your purchase. Make any purchase from Amazon and 2.5% will be donated. Insure your car with Direct Line and raise £35.00, or purchase a mobile phone from O2 and earn £17.50, and so on.

You can shop with 2000+ Brand Name retailers and to raise funds you just use the links from our site first – it’s that simple!

You can support us by joining via this link:

Please register and share this link and (perhaps in your e-mail signature) and encourage others to support us too. You can also ‘like’ the page via facebook and share it to your wall. This will help raise awareness of the charity and our message.

Use our ‘cruel’ image in your e-mail signature or as your avatar on facebook.
Help us spread the message that ‘a hutch is not enough’ If everyone used this image as their avatar, or in their e-mails even just for the rest of this month it would really help to raise awareness of the campaign and the website where people can find loads of information on how best to look after their rabbits.

Ask for a free car sticker!
Please get in touch and we will be happy to send you a free ‘ a hutch is not enough’ car sticker, or you may be able persuade your local Vet, Pet Shop or School to put one in their window. It will all help to help us drum our message that ‘a hutch is not enough’

Ask for some leaflets.
Most of us have probably encountered a friend, neighbour or work mate that has a single rabbit kept in a hutch in the garden. We know this isn’t how rabbits should be kept and you might lose sleep thinking about the poor bun, but it can be awkward to approach the subject. Why not ask for a bundle of our leaflets to pass to them instead, and let them do the talking. You could always say you have read them and they may find them interesting to avoid making it confrontational.

Order flowers from Charity Flowers
And we will receive 15% of the total spent.
24 hour order hotline 08705 300 600
24 hour fax ordering 01481 255590
Order on line
Please quote the charity source code RWAF when ordering

Send us your used stamps:
Used stamps can be turned into much needed funds for The RWAF. All types of stamps including first and second class, commemorative, foreign and First Day Covers are welcome. Simply send to the Horsham P O Box.

The RWAF team would like to wish you and your bunnies all a happy and healthy 2011, and thank you for supporting us.

Alan, Anne, Lizzie & Rae.


The underground burrows that wild rabbits live in only vary in temperature a few degrees between winter and summer. So, the bunnies we keep in our gardens need extra help to keep warm in the winter, here are some helpful tips:

Bring hutches and runs into sheds or unused garages (with windows) for extra protection, or cover with a purpose made hutch cover. If you cant get your hands on one, then a tarpaulin can cover the hutch and run, and keep their hutch area dry.

Its important that rabbits don’t get left in their hutches for long periods of time, even in winter weather they need their exercise. You can put logs or shelters in their runs, so that they can keep themselves off the cold or wet ground (or snow!)

Water bottles are likely to freeze, so keep a spare to change during the day and last thing at night, and invest in a bottle cover to keep them insulated.

Add extra bedding and make sure the hutch is kept clean and dry, or it won’t be warm.

A cardboard box filled with straw and placed in the hutch provides extra insulation and warmth. And products like ‘snuggle safe‘ are best used over night when the temperatures really plummet.

Don’t bring bunnies in a warm house to play, and then put them back out into very cold temperatures.

And don’t forget to stock up on their supplies – food, bedding and hay. We have checked with Santa Paws and he said that he won’t be carrying extra rabbit supplies this year!

A 77cm hutch….

Argos hutch – 77 cms long the story so far.

Argos are selling a hutch, 77cms long that they describe as allowing the rabbit to stretch and run freely. We all know that that can’t possibly be the case, and that these hutches are cruel, and would not be suitable under any circumstances. Trading Standards have been contacted and are not able to help unfortunately. Argos have chosen to ignore our advice, so we have been sending press releases for the last few months to build awareness of our campaign and gain support. The most recent press release last week gained some good coverage, notably with The Guardian’s website picking it up, but also local press, local radio sations and specialist magazines.

So far, Argos have added text to the description of every hutch that says they should be used in conjunction with a run, and that they will offer a discount to anyone buying a hutch and run together. It is progress, but we would like to see them review their whole range, stop selling the really tiny hutches like this, and offer something more suitable.