Animal Encounters

This photo is from an animal encounter this weekend. Not good is it?

If you go to any attractions or animal encounters this over the Summer please don’t turn a blind eye if you see something you are not happy about. Remember that rabbits kept on display for the general public should be setting good examples of welfare standards, housing and diet. Anyone using animals on display should be licenced by the relevant Local Authority. The licence means they are subject to animal welfare standards. Be polite, but speak up if you see something that needs to be improved, please don’t passively accept low welfare standards. Standards do need to be raised, and owners need to be educated, but breeding baby rabbits and allowing them to be inappropriately handled is not the way to do it. Setting good examples of companionship, housing, and diet are the way to do it. So please, be rabbit ambassadors.

If you see something that concerns you:

– Bring it to the attention of the staff at the time
– Take photos that you can use to document why you were concerned
– Follow it up in writing when you get home with them, and include the local authority that issue their licence
– Sometimes they reply quicker via Facebook or Twitter so that is worth bearing in mind.

If you need help then contact us and our Welfare Officer can assist with the referral on your behalf. In order for us to assist we will need details of the time and place, and photos.