The underground burrows that wild rabbits live in only vary in temperature a few degrees between winter and summer. So, the bunnies we keep in our gardens need extra help to keep warm in the winter, here are some helpful tips:

Bring hutches and runs into sheds or unused garages (with windows) for extra protection, or cover with a purpose made hutch cover. If you cant get your hands on one, then a tarpaulin can cover the hutch and run, and keep their hutch area dry.

Its important that rabbits don’t get left in their hutches for long periods of time, even in winter weather they need their exercise. You can put logs or shelters in their runs, so that they can keep themselves off the cold or wet ground (or snow!)

Water bottles are likely to freeze, so keep a spare to change during the day and last thing at night, and invest in a bottle cover to keep them insulated.

Add extra bedding and make sure the hutch is kept clean and dry, or it won’t be warm.

A cardboard box filled with straw and placed in the hutch provides extra insulation and warmth. And products like ‘snuggle safe‘ are best used over night when the temperatures really plummet.

Don’t bring bunnies in a warm house to play, and then put them back out into very cold temperatures.

And don’t forget to stock up on their supplies – food, bedding and hay. We have checked with Santa Paws and he said that he won’t be carrying extra rabbit supplies this year!