Hope every bun is enjoying the sun, but has got plenty of shade and ofcourse hay and water. Rabbits find it easier to drink from a bowl than a bottle so in this hot weather it may be better to give them access to both. Remember to check the stopper on the bottle is working every day. It is NOT a good idea to bathe bunnies to cool them off, we’ve added some information about bathing to our website. https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/pdfs/BathingBunnies-RO.pdf

One response on “Buns in the sun

  1. HappyBunny

    Agree about the bowls of water, my buns much prefer drinking out of a bowl to a bottle. I've found it best to use a heavy bowl as they like to try and throw it and also change the water regularly as gets hair and various bits in it.

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