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Welcome to another Campaign Update, keeping you informed of our constant fight to make things better for bunnies.

Capone Campaign – Annual Report 2022

This report relates to the activities of the RWAF in relation to animal welfare matters during 2022. This pertains to operations carried out under the remit of the ongoing Capone Campaign and covers activities in the UK. Where information has come to light indicating issues outside that jurisdiction, intelligence has been passed to those areas.

This was another record year for the RWAF in relation to the identification, processing and reporting of suspected animal welfare offenders.

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Breeding amnesty

There is a crisis going on right now. So many rabbits are being abandoned that rescue shelters simply cannot cope. With our breeding amnesty we are calling for:

  • Breeders to stop breeding
  • Pet shops and online classified sites to stop the sale of rabbits
  • Potential rabbit owners to do their research properly and make sure they can commit to the care needs of two rabbits over a 12 year period
  • Everyone to adopt from a rescue centre, not a breeder or pet shop.

We are witnessing an unprecedented rise in abandoned and mistreated rabbits, with an alarming increase in the number of rabbits for sale online, and rescue centres at bursting point.

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Hitting the headlines

We have really hit the headlines with our latest campaign. We have been on ITV prime time news, on the radio, in print and on social media. We have had 59 separate pieces of coverage so far, which gives us a potential audience of 1.7 billion people, and 3.4 million estimated views. Such big numbers!

This is the most coverage we have ever had, and we will keep pushing this story out to keep raising awareness and pushing people.

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