Can rabbits catch Coronavirus?

We have been asked by owners whether our pets can be infected by COVID-19, so as always we turned to our Specialist Veterinary adviser Dr Richard Saunders for advice

This is his response

“At the moment, COVID-19 is too new, and not enough work has been done on it in a full range of species, for us to be able to give absolutely definitive advice, but from what we know about previous respiratory coronaviruses ( it seems hopeful that rabbits and rodents are resistant to it, although its worth pointing out that they could carry it on their fur etc.

This site also likens COVID to previous SARS/coronavirus infections, specifically looking at the similarities between them and this exact virus.

It would appear that rabbits are much much less at risk than pigs, ferrets and cats, and so our advice would be to be sensible, wash hands in soap and water before and after handling any animal, and contact your vet if you have any concerns”