Can you spare £1?

We had a very busy day on the helpline yesterday. The helpline is a lifeline for people who have nowhere else to turn for help or advice – often in situations where rabbit owners find themselves in a position that they are unable to deal with. Yesterday we spoke to a lady who had taken on a rabbit from a neighbour who was not looking after it properly – an all too common situation. The lady in question had been fortunate enough to secure a rescue space for the bunny next week but in the meantime the rabbit has become ill and her own vet had given poor advice so we intervened and had the rabbit admitted to one of the vets on our ‘rabbit friendly’ list for assessment. Happily the rabbit is reported to be doing well this morning and we hope she can go through the rescue and hopefully face a better future. The next call was from a man who has been left to take care of 11 abandoned rabbits, some of whom are pregnant. We are liaising with rescues in his area to try and find space and we will also help towards neutering costs. Sadly, this is not an unusual day, and these are just two of many calls of this nature. We can’t always help, but we do our best to make a difference wherever we can, and this end of things is merely ‘firefighting’ and sits alongside all the long term work we do to try and stop the casual neglect and cruelty that domestic rabbits suffer. We don’t like to ask for money but if you can help us with just a small donation it would go a long way. If everyone who is subscribed to this page gave just £1 it would make a tremendous difference at a time when funds are running low. You can donate by text, for example “RWAF11£1” or “RWAF11£5” to 70070 or can donate by paypal to Or you could follow this link: Thank you so much