Valentine Press Release

Bunny girl living alone too long seeks bunny boy to snuggle up with on cold nights, enjoy romantic meals together, and go running, jumping and foraging. Looking to share my spacious love-nest, in well appointed large and secure grounds, well furnished and spotlessly clean. Will nuzzle your ears if you nuzzle mine.
The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to improving the lives of pet rabbits. This Valentine’s Day the charity is urging owners to find a companion for their rabbit.
RWAF Vet Advisor Richard Saunders had this to say. “In the wild, rabbits live in large social groups and depend on each other for security, comfort and grooming. Keeping a rabbit alone is cruel. It’s as simple as that. Rabbits should be kept in neutered pairs or groups and have access to a safe exercise area at all times.”
So whilst we think about our own romantic needs this Valentine’s day, we should spare a thought for the lonely bunnies out there…
To see what else rabbits need as well as companionship, go to

The nightmare before Christmas

This video is distressing, but it proves why the ‘a hutch is not enough; campaign is so essential. Rabbits live in conditions like this all over the UK and we want it to stop – NOW. The owner of these rabbits keeps some of them in 2ftx2ft or 3ft x 2ft hutches and says that it is not cruel, and that 2 in a 3ft hutch is not over crowded – we disagree, how a…bout you? She then says ‘ if they were too small, they wouldnt sell them in the shops would they?’ – well sadly, yes they would, and do, and that is why we are working with retailers to stop selling anything smaller than 4ft and to include 5 and 6 ft hutches in their ranges. The owner thinks her rabbits are ‘happy and up to weight’ but we don’t think they look happy at all – they can take one hop at best in those hutches. A hutch is not enough. All pet rabbits should be kept with the companionship of another (neutered) rabbit and live in an environment tha allows them to display all of their natural behaviours, such as running, jumping, digging and foraging – and never simply locked in a hutch.

RWAF Fundraising Friday

We’d like to print 3000 more posters to distribute to vets’ surgeries, petshops, schools, in fact anywhere that they’d reach people who might already own a rabbit, or be thinking of getting one. That will cost us £300.

Please help us raise that money by buying merchandise from the RWAF shop, by making donations at the shop, by text (RWAF11£1 – up to £10 to 70070) or at, or by starting a fundraiser of your own for the Rabbit Welfare Fund.

Anything you can do will help us get a little bit nearer our goal to help as many rabbits as possible have a happy, secure life

Fundraising Friday

It’s Fundraising Friday! Can you spare £1 to help us help rabbits? Now you can donate by text by texting RWAF11£1 to 70070, or you can chose to donate £2, £3 £5 or £10 if you prefer by texting RWAF11£2 to 70070 and so on. Funds will go towards our campaining and the ‘ a hutch is not enough’ project.
You can also help us, and treat yourself by joining and signing up for Rabbiting On magazine:

A hutch is not enough video

Thank you to everyone that has shared this video and helped us to tell people what is really involved in keeping rabbits outdoors properly. We have had some fantastic feedback, even from as far as the USA! Please keep sharing, and why not e-mail the link too? Lets try to get 5000 views by the end of this week.

A hutch is not enough’ video

Here at last is our ‘ a hutch is not enough’ video, please share this and help us educate people how to properly care for their rabbits.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Maria Daines who wrote and recorded the song for us, you can check out the lyrics on her website: