Binky Day 2018

Every year we celebrate Binky Day on 1st June.

As rabbit owners know a binky is a rabbit’s happy dance.  In fact it demonstrates joy in a-bun-dance.  Rabbits will shake their heads, jump in the air, kick out, twist, even turn around in mid air, all to show joy and happiness.  They need plenty of space all the time but especially so that they can binky.

To celebrate Binky Day 2018 we’ve made this video using clips and photos submitted by owners of some very happy bunnies.

We hope you enjoy it and that you’ll send us your clips and videos next spring for next year’s Binky Day  video.

Binky Day!

Binky Day is fast approaching. We’ll be celebrating it on 1st June. Since mentioning it a while ago, you have sent us photos and videos that have brought smiles to all our faces. Many can be found on our Facebook page

We’ve uploaded a great video into our YouTube account too. You’re bound to love this one.

Please spread the word to everyone you know, rabbit people or not, about binkies, and what this joy this bunny dance expresses.

If you have any more photos or videos to share, please send them to so we can upload them for you, or share your own links on our Facebook page.

Binky Day 2012

Last year we had a spur of the moment Binky Day and lots of us shared our binky photos – this year, we want to do another one, but plan it better and hopefully be able to make a bigger thing of it so that we can all share binky joy on our walls and make rabbit binkying mainstream! What better way to show that a hutch is not enough? So, this year Binky Day will be Friday 1st June. We’ll make a poster and do a press release, so we need lots of photos of binkies before hand. Please feel free to share them on our wall, but also please e-mail any good binky photos to so that we can use them.

Please remember that rabbits that have been kept in a hutch for long periods of time may need to have their exercise area increased gradually so that they can build their fitness and get used to exercising. Many hutches are not tall enough to allow a rabbit to rear up properly, and this can cause them to have spinal problems. Please make sure your rabbits can stand on their back legs without their ears touhing the roof in the area that you confine them in, ie their hutch, indoor cage, or hutch and attached run. As a general rule, this should be no less than 60cms for an average sized rabbit.

Binky Day!

It’s Binky Day! Please share your photos of Binkies, and let everyone know what a Binky is! Please try to use the word Binky today, and when someone asks you what it means, tell them how much rabbits love to run and jump, because a hutch is not enough.