COVID-19 Lockdown

We have heard from several worried owners whose rabbits’ vaccinations are due now or soon. We are sorry you are in this unfortunate position and we do understand your very valid concerns The BVA/RCVS have advised veterinary practices not to carry out routine procedures, but only to be available for emergency medicine. This is toRead More

Updated FAQs about RVHD2 and vaccination

We’ve updated the Further Reading page, the FAQs about RVHD2.  You can find it here

Cleaning protocol

We have been asked about a cleaning protocol that would prevent rabbits from contracting Myxi or EC from their accommodation, for example in boarding or rescue establishments, and suggest the following: Thoroughly clean the area to remove any scale or residue. Use Ark-Klens , which is a benzalkonium chloride disinfectant and as such it shouldRead More