Updated FAQs about RVHD2 and vaccination

We’ve updated the Further Reading page, the FAQs about RVHD2.  You can find it here https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-health/further-reading/rvhd-further-reading/

FAQ con’td Myxi.

Q2) What is the risk in reality of a rabbit contracting Myxomatosis from contactwith a recently Nobivac Myxo vaccinated rabbit?A2) Its not Myxomatosis in the old Nobivac Myxo vaccine, so they can’t develop myxofrom it, so there is no risk at all. Q3) If a myxi vaccinated bunny subsequently catches myxi 6 months later and(thankfully)Read More

Myxi outbreak and Ask the Expert.

We’d like to remind you once more about keeping vaccinations up to date. It’s only a few days ago that a distraught member in Essex has asked us to let everyone know that myxi is rife there at the moment. If you know of any outbreaks please let us know, or share them here. PleaseRead More