Time to Make Your Rabbit Resolutions!

We can all be a bit critical of New Year’s resolutions but some do stick, so here are some resolutions for anyone who wants to help pet rabbits – amongst the most neglected and misunderstood pets. Please take a look at the suggestions below and make some rabbit resolutions! And yes, some resolutions do only last a month, so we’ve included some January specific ideas too! Please share!

  1. Order an ‘On the Hop’ booklet and give it to someone you know who has a bunny, they could use some extra advice and information. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…
  2. Raise money for the RWAF’s “A Hutch is Not Enough” campaign at no cost to you by using Give as You Live when you shop on-line. https://www.giveasyoulive.com/charity/rabbitwelfarefund Or use Easy Fundraising, which does exactly the same thing: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/rwaf Or The Giving Machine: http://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/beneficiary.php
  3. Adopt a bunny! If you have a single rabbit then think about adopting another. Sociability is a huge part of a rabbit’s make-up so every bunny needs some bunny to love. Rescues have been inundated this winter and most are full and not able to help any more. Please check out saveafluff.co.uk or rescuereview.co.uk to find a rescue local to you, and talk to them about adopting a friend for your bun.
  4. If you can not adopt, then you can support your local rescue by offering to help clean out, or donate hay and food.
  5. Spread the word – during January please pledge to share one of our posters or messages every week. Help us educate lots of other rabbit owners about good diet, housing, companionship and health issues because sadly, many owners don’t know what their rabbits need to live happy and healthy lives. Please share this post for starters and keep an eye out for future postings and get busy with that share button! If and when we share a poster, please print it off and ask a local pet shop, garden centre, school or place of work to display it.
  6. Change your cover photo to our ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ image (attached to this posting) for a month.
  7. Order one of our “A Hutch is Not Enough” car stickers for only £2 and help spread the word! If you don’t have a car then any window will do! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…
  8. Look for the leaping bunny logo: www.leapingbunny.org and make sure any cosmetics and household products you buy are not tested on bunnies (or any other animals). M&S, Superdrug, Co-op, Sainsbury and Barry M are among the brands that all offer cruelty free options.
  9. If you are not already a member then please join us! You will love Rabbiting On Magazine. We do our best to keep our members up to date on the latest health, behaviour and welfare issues and use recognised experts, so you can trust us. And of course there are plenty of pictures of our favourite pets too! Join up on a subscription and get all 4 issues as they come out each year. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… Please note these links are for UK delivery only, for outside of the UK please contact us at info@rabbitwelfare.co.uk
  10. Last but by no means not least – please remember to always give your bunnies the lives they deserve. They need plenty of space, the right diet, companionship, health checks and an enriching environment to allow them to display their natural behaviours. Let them be rabbits! Thank you everybody, have a fantastic new year!

Community Save

Cute as those meerkats are, you can support RWAF campaigns by comparing the market through Community Save.

This is a price comparison website with a difference. If you change your power supplier via Community Save, and use the RWAF password RABBIT WELFARE while you’re doing it, (exactly as it is written here all in capital letters) Community Save will give us some money, that we will put to good use, helping rabbits.

Furthermore, if you know of any other good causes that want to join the scheme, let us know about them. If they register having heard about Community Save from the RWAF, we will get a bonus of 20% of all the funds they raise.

So, we all benefit…you get cheaper fuel bills, other good causes receive funds from Community Save and most of all, the RWAF receives funding every time somebody uses our RABBIT WELFARE password to change supplier using Community Save, or when one of those other good causes raises funds in the same way.