More FAQ about Hay

Q12) Are rabbits more at risk from myxi from farm hay than processed hay?A12) Wild rabbits don’t tend to have mites. It is possible that fleas or ticks could be present in the hay, and go on to bite and spread disease, but this is a pretty insignificant risk. Q13) Is there any proof thatRead More


Q11) Can readigrass be fed instead of hay as the sole source of fibre? (Not advisable perhaps, but for owners of fussy buns or those who are overly concerned about mites in hay)A11) Timothy hay best, but if they won’t eat any of these various timothies and other specialist hays, then it is better thanRead More


Q8) Are there any plans to create a long term soultion such as a vaccination against EC in the near future? A8) Not by anyone we know of. Hay etc Q9) The risk of myxi from hay is small, but does readigrass have the same risk factor? A9) Readigrass has a different production process andRead More

FAQ cont’d

Q7) I bought some zoflora as it says safe to use in pet areas, thing is would it besafe to use near buns? I know it wouldn’t kill EC spores though. A7) This is from the safety data sheet, which makes me think, no, it’s not a goodidea round pets: R11Highly flammableR21/22Harmful in contact withRead More

FAQ cont’d

The new vaccine is arriving in vet practices this week. The UK tests have beencompleted and although we do not have the results as yet we will update everyonewhen we do.Q5)I’m interested to know more about the new combined vaccine…and in particularthere’s something in the data information which suggests that if a bunny has hadtheRead More

FAQ con’td Myxi.

Q2) What is the risk in reality of a rabbit contracting Myxomatosis from contactwith a recently Nobivac Myxo vaccinated rabbit?A2) Its not Myxomatosis in the old Nobivac Myxo vaccine, so they can’t develop myxofrom it, so there is no risk at all. Q3) If a myxi vaccinated bunny subsequently catches myxi 6 months later and(thankfully)Read More


Hay! Rabbits benefit from a variety of hay or grass in their diet. Different types, and cut from different places and at different times of year all offer different nutrients and textures. Hay (or grass) should be the cornerstone of their diet and not just a bedding! Hanging baskets, toilet roll inners and plant potsRead More

Binky Day 2012

Last year we had a spur of the moment Binky Day and lots of us shared our binky photos – this year, we want to do another one, but plan it better and hopefully be able to make a bigger thing of it so that we can all share binky joy on our walls andRead More

Jaffa’s happy ending

Christmas is a distant memory for most of us, but we are sharing Jaffa’s thank you letter to Santa – things have improved for him since he sent his Christmas wish list off! Don’t you just love a happy ending, or should that be a hoppy ending?