Q11) Can readigrass be fed instead of hay as the sole source of fibre? (Not advisable perhaps, but for owners of fussy buns or those who are overly concerned about mites in hay)A11) Timothy hay best, but if they won’t eat any of these various timothies and other specialist hays, then it is better thanRead More


Q8) Are there any plans to create a long term soultion such as a vaccination against EC in the near future? A8) Not by anyone we know of. Hay etc Q9) The risk of myxi from hay is small, but does readigrass have the same risk factor? A9) Readigrass has a different production process andRead More


Hay! Rabbits benefit from a variety of hay or grass in their diet. Different types, and cut from different places and at different times of year all offer different nutrients and textures. Hay (or grass) should be the cornerstone of their diet and not just a bedding! Hanging baskets, toilet roll inners and plant potsRead More

Calcium content and diets

In response to a comment on the RWAF facebook page, Richard Saunders BSc(hons) BVSc CertZooMed CBiol MiBiol MRCVS (for those who don’t already know, the RWAF vet expert advisor) has written the following, which you may find interesting. He intends to write a complete article on this subject which will appear soon in Rabbiting On,Read More