Farm parks, mobile zoos and animal encounters.

Rabbits have the misfortune of being found in various locations, such as farm parks, mobile petting zoos, and animal encounters. These places should all be licenced and inspected, so they should have good welfare standards, but the truth is that we have yet to see one that we think meets the Animal Welfare Act and […]

Home Sweet Home. Renting with your rabbit

We know it can be hard to find pet-friendly rental accommodation. Guest post by Elaine Line We frequently hear of people having to give up their much-loved pets when moving into rented property. This is very distressing for owners and can also place huge burdens on animal rescues who very often have to try and […]

Artificial Grass

Here at the RWAF we are often asked about the safety or other wise of various plants in the garden. However, one garden item I hadn’t considered until someone asked us recently about, is grass, not real grass, but the plastic artificial stuff which is becoming more and more popular recently. There are several issues […]

Sand and pellets – questions answered

We were recently approached by an owner with a list of questions which we put to our Specialist Vet Adviser, Dr Richard Saunders, and Vet Nurse and Editor of Rabbiting On, Claire Speight. Their answers are below Regarding diet, please remember that it is not possible for one guideline to be suitable for every rabbit […]

BBC Trust me I’m a Vet

At the start of the year, we were asked to help find a single rabbit and a family that wanted to improve the life of their rabbit and who would be willing to take part in a TV programme. The RWAF had the pleasure of working closely with Dr Nicola Rooney from the University of […]

Rabbits – Not a Cheap Children’s Pet.

Many people are surprised at how much it costs to properly care for two rabbits, so here is some information that everyone who is considering getting a rabbit should read before they take the plunge. Unlike Cats and Dogs, which are not usually available from pet shops, rabbits are readily available and can be bought […]

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