Myxi outbreak and Ask the Expert.

We’d like to remind you once more about keeping vaccinations up to date. It’s only a few days ago that a distraught member in Essex has asked us to let everyone know that myxi is rife there at the moment. If you know of any outbreaks please let us know, or share them here. PleaseRead More

Cleaning protocol

We have been asked about a cleaning protocol that would prevent rabbits from contracting Myxi or EC from their accommodation, for example in boarding or rescue establishments, and suggest the following: Thoroughly clean the area to remove any scale or residue. Use Ark-Klens , which is a benzalkonium chloride disinfectant and as such it shouldRead More

Myxi and VHD cases still being reported

Myxi continues to rear its ugly head around the UK and I doubt it will ever go away. Reports come in daily from members. VHD is the silent killer, but as our leaflet explains it is “Deadly, But Preventable “ In the last 4 weeks a confirmed report came in of a death from VHDRead More

VHD Outbreak

It is not often that we receive reports of VHD outbreaks. VN Laura Slinger who is a veterinary nurse in Burton On Trent, has seen a case of VHD at her practice. Also a case of myxi. Reports in the last few days have come in of deaths from myxi in Leybourne Kent and sightingsRead More