New vaccine

We are still getting enquiries about the new combined Myxi and RHD vaccine. The main concern expressed with the vaccine is the potential lack of protection against Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, in rabbits vaccinated with the new vaccine, if they have been previous vaccinated recently against myxomatosis, or have been infected with it andRead More

Last FAQ

There were various questions about calcium levels in the diet, but we think an earlier post covers them all: We are getting calls and e-mails about the new vaccine but feel that some of these questions would be better answered by the vaccine manufacturer themselves; so we hope to bring more FAQ in theRead More

FAQ cont’d

The new vaccine is arriving in vet practices this week. The UK tests have beencompleted and although we do not have the results as yet we will update everyonewhen we do.Q5)I’m interested to know more about the new combined vaccine…and in particularthere’s something in the data information which suggests that if a bunny has hadtheRead More

Myxi outbreak and Ask the Expert.

We’d like to remind you once more about keeping vaccinations up to date. It’s only a few days ago that a distraught member in Essex has asked us to let everyone know that myxi is rife there at the moment. If you know of any outbreaks please let us know, or share them here. PleaseRead More