RWAF response to VetCompass dental disease study

RWAF Response to Dental disease in companion rabbits under UK primary veterinary care: Frequency and risk factors. Study population 161,979 rabbits in VetCompass 2019 and a random sample of 2219 confirmed dental cases were studied in great detail. The dominant message from this new VetCompass study is that it overwhelmingly confirms dental disease as a […]

Farm parks, mobile zoos and animal encounters.

Rabbits have the misfortune of being found in various locations, such as farm parks, mobile petting zoos, and animal encounters. These places should all be licenced and inspected, so they should have good welfare standards, but the truth is that we have yet to see one that we think meets the Animal Welfare Act and […]

The Rabbit-Friendly Vet Directory

A reminder that we have a published rabbit-friendly vet directory on our website, which is free for you to use. Vets are assessed thoroughly, and not everyone who applies passes and is included. Any complaints about member practices are taken very seriously and fully investigated. A lot of work goes into maintaining this rabbit-friendly directory […]

Perceptions of the Rabbit

Say No to School Rabbits

Although initiatives to improve companion rabbit welfare have been made in recent times, through e.g. the availability of evidence-based husbandry guidelines, the traditional view of these animals as children’s ‘starter pets’ is still prevailing. A recent study by Cecilie Ravn Skovlund, Peter Sandøe and their colleagues highlights how such views can be detrimental to rabbit […]

ACV in water

Apple Cider vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. Bacteria and yeasts in the apples produce alcohol from sugars, which is then converted to acetic and malic acids by another fermentation step involving “The Mother”, another bacterial organism. It is acidic, unpalatable and irritant in its concentrated form but harmless when diluted unless […]

Last night’s Scared of the Dark involved a live rabbit. From 13 minutes.Danny Dyer said it himself, “poor little Thumper” If you would like to complain about this programme you can do it here:

Why rabbit breeding regulations need to change

There is currently a severe lack of legislation for rabbit breeding, and the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund intends to change that The UK’s leading rabbit welfare organisation, the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund, is demanding changes in legislation to require rabbit breeders to be licensed. They have recently launched a petition asking for a […]

BBC Sort Your Life Out Rabbit Rejection

Sort Your Life Out

This is just unbelievable isn’t it? We have had lots of complaints about ‘Sort your life out’ aired on BBC One on Wednesday night.Watch on BBC iPlayer Approx 48 minutes inSo, if you would like to complain to the BBC following this, you can do so via this link: BBC Make A Complaint

Rabbits and Tonic Immobility (TI)

We have recently been made aware of the paper on Tonic Immobility (TI) and the discussion about it on social media. The paper is freely available as an open access item and we would encourage people to read it in order to form an opinion. This was a small study, limited to small, young rabbits […]


Welcome to another Campaign Update, keeping you informed of our constant fight to make things better for bunnies. Finding a good rabbit vet within a reasonable distance is important. A reminder that you can access the Rabbit Friendly Vet List via our website. However, please do make sure that you see the named vet (or […]

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