Q11) Can readigrass be fed instead of hay as the sole source of fibre? (Not advisable perhaps, but for owners of fussy buns or those who are overly concerned about mites in hay)
A11) Timothy hay best, but if they won’t eat any of these various timothies and other specialist hays, then it is better than nothing. The Oxbow etc has been packaged and stored and shipped and we’d be surprised if any invertebrates were alive in it.

Q8) Are there any plans to create a long term soultion such as a vaccination against EC in the near future?

A8) Not by anyone we know of.

Hay etc

Q9) The risk of myxi from hay is small, but does readigrass have the same risk factor?

A9) Readigrass has a different production process and should be free of live mites. We are not suggesting everyone stop feeding hay as the basis of the rabbits diet, but for those people who are worried about this, readigrass is a suitable alternative, for a healthy rabbit with no known under lying problems. .

Q10) Is Readigrass fattening?

A10) Not particularly. Pretty much equivalent to grass and hay