RWAF Membership

To allow the organisation to be sustainable we are reviewing our income and expenditure to ensure we are as efficient as we can be. One of the outcomes of this is that we will be increasing the cost of membership. We hate to do this but the last increase was over 7 years ago andRead More

VHD Outbreak

It is not often that we receive reports of VHD outbreaks. VN Laura Slinger who is a veterinary nurse in Burton On Trent, has seen a case of VHD at her practice. Also a case of myxi. Reports in the last few days have come in of deaths from myxi in Leybourne Kent and sightingsRead More

RWAF members Yahoo group

RWAF discussion is open to all on our Facebook page, and we send out information too on our Blog, in First Alerts and via Twitter. However, we know this doesn’t cover everybody and isn’t exclusively for RWAF members. If you want to belong to a discussion group that is members only, we now have aRead More