KitKat Big Bunny Hutch

We here at the RWAF are disappointed to see the online series “KitKat Big Bunny Hutch” for several reasons. 1. Programmes like this encourage the impulse purchase of rabbits, showing them as easy to care for animals, focusing on their “cute” behaviours and appearances, without explaining the challenges of keeping rabbits correctly and meeting allRead More

Love your weekend – update

Here at the RWAF we were disappointed in ‘Love your weekend’ shown this weekend, for many reasons. We’ve had lots of comments and complaints about the segment, and I have now had a chance for a chat with the shows’ vet Dr Navaratnam Partheeban MRCVS. Dr Partheeban was given a very challenging brief, to tellRead More

Love your weekend

We here at the RWAF were disappointed in ‘Love your weekend’ shown this weekend for many reasons. We’ve had lots of comments and complaints, and have reviewed the footage in depth. Essentially, we feel that the rabbits were presented as being highly suitable children’s pets, and there was more emphasis on some breed variations thanRead More

Are Christmas trees safe for rabbits?

We’ve been contacted a few times regarding a post that suggested giving old Christmas trees to bunnies. We have this update from Richard: “While chewing on the bark wont necessarily do rabbits any harm (unless it has been treated with fire retardants etc), we do not recommend allowing access to Christmas Trees for rabbits. TheRead More

Richard’s RAW interview on BBC Cambridge

Rabbit Awareness Week is a wrap! There was a huge amount of coverage and brilliant feedback. You can still listen to Richard’s interview here: It starts at 1 hour 11 mins in.

Win an £500 amazon voucher!

We’ve partnered with Gyfters to help us raise vital funds for our work. Gyfters is the UK’s first dedicated incentivized charitable fundraising competition website. Dedicated to raising funds for UK charities through competitions, prize draws, and online raffles. Fully vetted and authorized to run online competitions dedicated to charitable fundraising. Gyfters have chosen us toRead More

Meloxicam as analgesic for rabbits Imagine this clinical scenario: you create an analgesic protocol for your clinic to ensure rabbits entering your care receive the best treatment available. Your research indicates meloxicam is the analgesic of choice as in comparison to opioids it has a reduced risk of gut stasis, which is a life-threatening complication in rabbits. Meloxicam alsoRead More

Can rabbits catch Coronavirus?

We have been asked by owners whether our pets can be infected by COVID-19, so as always we turned to our Specialist Veterinary adviser Dr Richard Saunders for advice This is his response “At the moment, COVID-19 is too new, and not enough work has been done on it in a full range of species,Read More

Amazon Smile

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