Rabbits – not a cheap childrens pet.

Many people are surprised at how much it costs to properly care for two rabbits, so here is some information that everyone who is considering getting a rabbit should read before they take the plunge. Unlike Cats and Dogs which are not usually available from pet shops, rabbits are readily available and can be boughtRead More

Unlicensed and uninspected breeding has to stop.

http://www.pressdispensary.co.uk/releases/c992904/Cruelty-Will-Only-Be-Stopped-by-Licensing-Breeders,-says-Rabbit-Welfare-Charity.php Please cross post our latest press release. Lets make 2011, the Year of the Rabbit, the year that unlicensed breeding and crulety stops.

The Magicians – BBC One, 15th January 2011

Good grief, did anyone see ‘The Magicians’ last night? Surely the use of live rabbits was not necessary and as a prey species the rabbits looked scared, were handled inappropriately, depicted inappropriately (cramped in a small shed and in buckets!) and we fear that children may try to copy what they saw on a primeRead More

Urgent help needed for PACT rescue

This message was sent out earlier this week via our First Alert service, if you can spare anything to help the rescue that have taken on 74 rabbits, 30 of which may be pregnant (litters are already being born) please help. PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY TO ALL GROUPS AND CONTACTS IN UK INCLUDING ALL YOUR RABBITRead More

New Year Resolutions – how you can help improve rabbit welfare.

Please make one of your New Year resolutions helping to improve rabbit welfare. What is your New Year resolution? Losing weight? Giving up Smoking? Going to the gym more often? Please make one resolution that is easy to keep and help us to improve rabbit welfare, here are some of the ways you can helpRead More



The underground burrows that wild rabbits live in only vary in temperature a few degrees between winter and summer. So, the bunnies we keep in our gardens need extra help to keep warm in the winter, here are some helpful tips: Bring hutches and runs into sheds or unused garages (with windows) for extra protection,Read More