Media Star! Members competition

RWAF Members – Do you and your rabbits want to become RWAF Social Media stars?  We are looking for members to profile in our new Social Media campaign which will run in February on both Facebook and Instagram.  Not only could you and your buns be featured, but there are some excellent prizes too (seeRead More

Capone Campaign Annual Report 2017

Introduction The Capone Campaign is run by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, with funds provided by the Pet Trade. The campaign is designed to identify “rogue” rabbit breeders, who use Internet Sales Platforms (such as Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook, Shpock etc) as well as Pet Fairs and Boot Fairs, to sell on rabbits, often withRead More

Bunnies of the Year Competition 2017

(Open only to current members of the RWAF) Our annual Bunny of the Year competition has been running for several years and last year we changed this to the ‘Bunnies of the Year competition’ to reflect the RWAFs belief that rabbits should only be kept in neutered pairs or compatible groups. As such only photosRead More


By Richard Saunders, RWAF Veterinary Adviser (First published in Rabbiting On Magazine, Winter 2014) The dangers of passive smoking are now well understood in humans. And those dangers are worst of all in those who cannot evade it. And whilst smoking in enclosed public spaces is now illegal, smoking in the home still occurs, andRead More

Introducing a new rabbit after an outbreak of RVHD2

“How long should I leave it before introducing a new rabbit after an outbreak of RHD2” We are getting asked this question, or a variation of it very regularly. This is a really difficult question to answer, for several reasons. The science: Firstly, the virus is incredibly resilient in the environment, at least in idealRead More


One of the biggest dangers of the summer for rabbits is flystrike. Generally we think of it happening when rabbits have dirty bottoms, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Blowflies (bluebottles and greenbottles) can lay their eggs anywhere on a rabbit’s body. The eggs are tiny and hard to spot and theyRead More

Brachy breeds – not just dogs! Rabbits too.

We see a range of common problems in rabbits which have been bred for shorter, “cuter” faces, such as the Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead, due to the shortening of the upper jaw relative to the lower, giving a slightly undershot appearance. In rabbits, with their continuously growing teeth, which need to grind against their opposingRead More


2 new signings to the retailer charter – please welcome them and support them if you can. Handmade-Hutches-4u Please welcome Handmade- Hutches-4U to the retailer charter. This is what Beverley told us: Rabbits need to be able to have plenty enough room to be able to exercise, play, sleep, relax and go to the toiletRead More