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We’ve partnered with Gyfters to help us raise vital funds for our work. Gyfters is the UK’s first dedicated incentivized charitable fundraising competition website. Dedicated to raising funds for UK charities through competitions, prize draws, and online raffles. Fully vetted and authorized to run online competitions dedicated to charitable fundraising. Gyfters have chosen us toRead More

Meloxicam as analgesic for rabbits Imagine this clinical scenario: you create an analgesic protocol for your clinic to ensure rabbits entering your care receive the best treatment available. Your research indicates meloxicam is the analgesic of choice as in comparison to opioids it has a reduced risk of gut stasis, which is a life-threatening complication in rabbits. Meloxicam alsoRead More

Can rabbits catch Coronavirus?

We have been asked by owners whether our pets can be infected by COVID-19, so as always we turned to our Specialist Veterinary adviser Dr Richard Saunders for advice This is his response “At the moment, COVID-19 is too new, and not enough work has been done on it in a full range of species,Read More

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Make sure you have a rabbit friendly vet

Is your vet rabbit savvy? Don’t leave it until you have an emergency to find a good vet for your rabbits. We have a ‘rabbit friendly’ vet list on our website.

It’s summer…are your rabbits cool dudes or hot, cross buns?

With summer well underway, we’ve had some stiflingly hot weather…how are your rabbits coping with the heat? Even though rabbits originate from much hotter parts of Europe and North Africa, they are crepuscular, that is most active at dawn and dusk. In the wild, they would be able to hide from the more intense heatRead More


We have had fantastic news from artist Seb Lester recently. He had contacted us around Christmas time and said that he intended to donate profits from the sale of his limited edition print ‘Shaped’ to our charity. We love the sentiment expressed in the print. How much our love for our wonderful rabbits has shapedRead More

Richard recognised for welfare work

Richard has been shortlisted for a CEVA award Richard has been shortlised for a CEVA award again this year. We are so very fortunate to have Richard as our Vet Specialist Adviser, and very proud that his work has been recognised again.