Welfare Wednesday – The trick is to vaccinate

It’s Welfare Wednesday again – this week we are reminding everyone to vaccinate their rabbits against both myxi and VHD, because this is the best protection we can give them,and both diseases are deadly.
RWA members will receive the attached poster in the next issue of Rabbiting On – but it is also available on our website – please share and help us spread the word – “magic won’t protect our bunni…es, the trick is to vaccinate”


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Gearing up for winter

It’s welfare wednesday – and this week we want your input please. Snow is forecast this month, so we hope everyone with outdoor bunnies is thinking about keeping them warm and dry, and still allowing them to exercise. Bedding areas should be kept clean and dry, and filled with straw (because it is warmer than hay). Dont forget to add a tarpaulin to your exercise run to offer shelter from the rain and snow, and this will allow the rabbits to have their regular exercise. Snuggle safe pads are great for keeping rabbits warm over night, and dont forget to keep a spare water bottle so that if one freezes you can replace it with another. Hutches can be brought into empty garden sheds, and the rabbits can have the run of the shed too. Ofcourse, the best way of keeping rabbits warm over the winter is to keep them in pairs so that they can snuggle together. Have you got any tips you would like to share? We will pick the best ones and add them to the website.

Welfare Wednesday

It’s Welfare Wednesday – most of us will know someone who has a rabbit, so please share our blog, twitter or facebook page and help us reach as many rabbit owners as possible. We are still collecting data to update the rescue statistics for the UK, so if you volunteer or work for a rescue in the UK that has rehomed rabbits in the last 3 years please get in touch with us at Ros@rabbitwelfare.co.uk. We want to update the statistics to get an idea of how things have changed since they were first quoted as 35,000 around 10 years ago

Welfare Wednesday …

It’s welfare Wednesday….We are still working and campaigning hard to improve the lives of pet rabbits. We have just filmed an interview for the ‘pets for life’ series as well as continuing to push our ‘ a hutch is not enough’ campaign with retailers and owners and we are seeing progress and getting good feedback. If you are new to the RWAF page, then you can read more about us here:

and a bit more about our work here: