It has been brought to our attention recently that people are finding it difficult to obtain Cisapride? This statement from RWAF vet Richard Saunders should make the present situation clear

“Your vet can obtain cisapride from abroad, but this requires a certain amount of paperwork and delay, and is done on a “named patient basis” ie only for a specific rabbit, which means that it is difficult to hold it in stock, to start treatment immediately. There is now a UK source, which allows for more rapid ordering and less delay in getting the drug in, and allows vets to stock it for urgent situations. At present this is only available in tablet form, but it can be converted into liquid form by another company. This can be done as required, or vets can hold the liquid in stock for emergencies. Bear in mind that vets are often reluctant to do so as such medications may, if not used frequently, go out of date, and so tablets, which can be given directly to rabbits, or crushed and administered mixed with food or other carrier substances, are often more practical. The suspension may be a good option in chronic cases where rabbits need the drug on a less urgent, longer term basis, and owners are finding it more difficult to give medication in tablet form”