Covid-19 – adopting rabbits

We have been asked about washing rabbits coming into the home in case there might be Covid-19 virus on their fur.

It is not recommended to wash rabbits, and certainly it would not be ideal at all to put any sort of disinfectant onto their coats. They groom themselves and each other, and would ingest any disinfectant at this time, potentially causing toxicity.The only disinfectants we would suggest applying directly to the coat would be F10 ( ), which is more commonly used to apply to wounds and repel or kill fly larvae.

Provided whoever you adopt from has been carrying out safe social distancing methods and is free from symptoms the risk is extremely low. It is very unlikely that they would have any Covid-19 virus on their fur. If you are at all concerned, don’t handle the rabbit for 24 hours, by which time it will have thoroughly groomed itself. We would be more concerned about the carrier the rabbit came in than the rabbit itself, and would clean the former with a suitable product such as soap and water, or alcohol based cleaner, before handling it.