We just wanted to let you all know that we are still here and still able to answer the helpline, reply to e-mails and process orders.

Ros and Rae both work from home, and all being well, will be able to keep things going as normal. Ros answers all the e-mails to Rae does all the admin and processes the shop orders, and between them they run the helpline, so as long as they both stay well things won’t change.

Update on orders – due to new lockdown restrictions we are no longer able to post out orders. Our last visit to the post office has taken place until the lockdown is over. You can still place orders which will be fulfilled where possible, either once the lockdown is ended, or where possible, electronically. Memberships can still be subscribed to and renewed, but books and back issues of Rabbiting On cannot be sent out under current restrictions.

Richard also works from home for us (not for his other roles) so we hope that he will be able to keep his side of things going, which includes the rabbit friendly vet list assessments, advice to vets, and all general health and welfare strategy.

Guen Bradbury who also advises us on veterinary matters works from home

In terms of Rabbiting On, Claire (our Editor) and Ian (our designer) work from home. Claire is currently self isolating for 12 weeks from her job as a Vet Nurse. The Summer issue is almost ready, and will be sent to the printer shortly as we intend to get this issue out a bit sooner, in April rather than early May. Work has already begun on the Autumn issue and currently we plan to continue with the issue as normal.

What we do plan to do in the mean time, to reduce the need to go to the post office, is to send the current Rabbiting On as a PDF instead of a printed copy to anyone that joins from April, until things return to normal. Once they do, we will send the membership pack out as normal. Existing members will receive their magazine in print as normal

With regard to the Conference at RDSVS in June, we are postponing this and have contacted everyone that has booked a place this morning. Once we have a new date confirmed we will let you know.

Stay safe and stay at home everyone.