Don’t forget the petitions!

There are 2 rabbit petitions live at the moment that need 100,000 votes and are both standing at around 2000. So they need YOU to sign them and share them. Rabbits are constantly reported as the most neglected pets in the UK – left in hutches to live alone. This has got to change, so we are hoping that all rabbit lovers in the UK will spare a few minutes to sign both petitions and share them. Rabbits Require Rights are campaigning hard for better welfare standards for rabbits in Scotland. They are petitioning for legislation to be introduced to offer more protection to our favourite animals. The RWAF is fully supportive of more legislation. Please sign their petition here: Camp Nibble is a rescue centre based in Leeds, who see a constant stream of neglected and unwanted rabbits. They desperately want to see this change. They are petitioning for Codes of Practice for rabbits in England. Signing this petition would show the legislators the strength of feeling and support for improved rabbit welfare in England.