FAQ con’td Myxi.

Q2) What is the risk in reality of a rabbit contracting Myxomatosis from contact
with a recently Nobivac Myxo vaccinated rabbit?
A2) Its not Myxomatosis in the old Nobivac Myxo vaccine, so they can’t develop myxo
from it, so there is no risk at all.

Q3) If a myxi vaccinated bunny subsequently catches myxi 6 months later and
(thankfully) fully recovers from it, does this bunny then have some kind of
immunity to catching it again or at the very least a stronger chance of fighting
it again?
A3) No, not really, immunity is short lived.

Q4) I have an indoor rabbit n the vet said injections once a year is enough. If he was
outdoor he recommends twice. If I had 2 indoor bunnies is once a year
vaccination enough too or should they be vaccinated twice ?

A4) The RWAF recommends vaccinating all rabbits twice yearly or myxi and once for VHD.This advice will change when the new combined vaccine becomes available very soon, until then,
keep your vaccines up to date.