Forage Friday – Clover and plan for the winter

It’s Forage Friday again, and since we’re having such lovely warm weather after all that rain, everything’s growing like….weeds! This week we want to tell you about clover. Clover is a member of the pea family and the whole of the plant is safe to be fed to rabbits. It is a good source of protein and very nourishing, and is believed to be a good tonic and useful for feeding during a moult. Rabbits love it, and it’s often in hay; clover hay is thought of as one of the richest types of ‘albuminoids’ . There’s plenty around just now, so now’s the time to plan for winter when none of this scrummy, nutritious foraging will be around. Take small bunches and tie them together with string then hang them upside down somewhere that has a good air-flow and isn’t damp. They won’t take long to dry out, and when they’re nice and crispy, you can store them in paper (not plastic) bags to keep them fresh. You can also try this (carefully!) with nettles, which rabbits will not eat when fresh, but love when dried out.

If you would like to read up on more wild plants and green foods, why not try this book? It’s only £7.45 (including postage) from the RWAF shop. If you can not find any wild forage, try Galen’s Garden: They stock a wonderful array of seeds, so you can grow all the plants you might need