Forage Friday!

It’s Forage Friday! We all know that a rabbit’s diet should be around 85% fibre, 5% pellets (not muesli) and 10% greens, but perhaps not many of us are brave enough to try to find natural and free sources of food for our rabbits. Grass and dandelions are the obvious things that we would go for, and they are an excellent addition to the diet, but over the next few weeks we are going to look at other goodies that we might find for our bunnies to enjoy. Starting with Plantain This is ribwort plantain, and it is commonly found, It usually flowers June – October. The good news is that the whole plant is edible, and is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and it’s believed to have properties that help rabbits resist or fight off infection. There is also a broader leaf type of plantain called ‘Greater Plantain’ which is edible for rabbits too. The Bazaar Buns wereenjoying their forage baskets this morning in the sun, as you can see. If you just cant wait to find out what else you can forage for your buns, then why not treat yourself to ‘Rabbit Nutrition’ by Virginia Richardson – available from our shop for £6.50 inc postage.