If you love rabbits you will love Rabbiting On magazine!

If you love rabbits you will love Rabbiting On magazine! Do you have house rabbits, or are you thinking of bringing your outdoor rabbits inside for the winter? If the answer to either question is yes, then our Winter issue of Rabbiting On is for you. It’s our House rabbit Special. We know that some of you are old hands at having your rabbits indoors but there is always something to learn and we have focused on house rabbits in these articles, though of course there is still plenty for those of you with outdoor rabbits. We have articles on Bunnyproofing your home House rabbit health issues Moving an outdoor rabbit indoors What can go wrong (when keeping house rabbits) Winter greens – free from nature’s larder in the summer…but how about growing your own in the winter? This is just as important too for outdoor rabbits. Antifreeze – a deadly poison. This is vital information for all pet owners What house rabbits need – giving them the right environment Welcome to my world, which is part 2 of our series on communicating effectively with rabbits Christmas Crafts…making bunny safe decorations Of course there are all our usual features too -News, Campaign Updates, what’s new at Bunny Bazaar, It’s My Bunny, Roundup, Conference Report, Paw Prints, Bunny of the Year and so on. This issue is only available to RWA members, so please, if what you see here is of interest to you, join us. You’ll get 3 further issues of the magazine during the year and all the many other benefits of being a RWA member. All details are here for the UK http://www.bunnybazaar.com/HRWAMSC/Membership-Subscriptions/NEW-Adult-Membership-UK-only-Annual-Subscription here for Europe http://www.bunnybazaar.com/HRWAMAO/Membership-Subscriptions/-European-membership–annual-subscription and here for the rest of the world. http://www.bunnybazaar.com/HRWAMAOI/Membership-Subscriptions/International-membership–annual-subscription Join us and add your voice to ours. Together we can make a difference