If you need to complain to your vet.

We are occasionally contacted when something has gone wrong at the vets and the owner is wondering what action to take. Our sympathies are with the owners following any incident but we are unfortunately unable to discuss individual cases or recommend specific treatment, although your vets are welcome to contact our veterinary advisor for specific advice. We have, however, the following advice regarding reaching as satisfactory an outcome as possible for you and your pet. there are two issues here. The first is obtaining the best possible ongoing care for your rabbit. This may be with your existing practice, with another practice, by obtaining a second opinion, or by being referred to another practice, particularly one with a specific expertise in rabbits, or the particular condition with which your rabbit is affected.This MUST involve communicating your concerns with the practice, to give them a chance to give you the greatest level of assistance possible, and to ensure that, if your rabbit is seen elsewhere, that all his or her details are transferred fully to best care for him or her. The second issue is to resolve any complaint that you may have with the vet or the practice, if necessary. The first stage in this process is to discuss things fully with the senior person (practice owner, principle or manager) at the practice in question. If the practice is part of a group or chain, you may then, or if unsatisfied, decide to take the matter higher up the management line. The best way to initially communicate is in writing, as this gives you an opportunity to order your thoughts and to express them logically, and for them to reply to that. depending on the outcome at this stage, you may both decide to meet and discuss things further. If these avenues have not solved the problem, then the correct course of action is to take the matter to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (the RCVS).