June Rescue Pages Updated

Greenleaf Animal Rescue operates in the northwest of England. We’ve featured them here on our Featured Rescue page, including some of the lovely rabbits in their care, desperately seeking new homes https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rwf/?section=rescues.html Cotton Tails is in Wiltshire and their founder Mairwen Guard MBE tells us below about their work and some of their rabbits CottonTails® rabbit and guinea pig rescue (registered charity) has been running for almost 20 years, and during that time we have helped and rehomed thousands of unwanted and abandoned rabbits. Our speciality is our bunny speed-dating service, where we organise and assist in matching up lonely rabbits with compatible partners. All our rabbits are neutered and vaccinated before adoption, and our website is packed full of useful and interesting information about all aspects of rabbit care as well as details of rabbits and guinea pigs currently available. Details to go with the photos attached, but full details are on the website: Peter – a delightful very small half wild neutered male, now about 8 months old. His Lionhead mum apparently escaped from her hutch into the surrounding fields and gave birth to a litter a month later. The owner could not find homes for the babies, so Peter and his siblings arrived here. Peter will either be matched with one of the females here or will find a home as a friend for someone’s lonely neutered female. Photobucket Tom – Tom is a neutered male and he lives with his life partner Alfie, his brother. They make a lovely pair and are gentle yet amusing to watch. They are about 9 months old and will make fantastic pets. Photobucket George – George is now bonded with his daughter, who has yet to be named. George is about 18 months old, and his daughter is 8 months old, and both are neutered. They make a pretty pair! Photobucket Doe – Doe is a very attractive neutered female dutch rabbit who has been bonded to Zeb, a rather handsome neutered male lop. Both are around 18 months old. Doe is particularly friendly and will even tolerate being picked up! Photobucket Family of Belgian Hares – This family of 6 Belgian Hares arrived rather unexpectedly as the situation was urgent