New Year Resolutions – how you can help improve rabbit welfare.

Well, that’s Christmas over for another year, and thoughts are now turning to New Year. If everyone here could spare some time over the holiday to help us improve rabbit welfare and take a pledge to undertake at least one of the following, it could make a change for the better:

1) Have a look on-line, if you see any rabbit hutches for sale that you think are too small, then contact the retailer and tell them what you think and why. Remember that anything smaller than around 4ft x 1.5ft is smaller than a lab rabbit cage, so ask retailers if they think they should sell items smaller than this for pet rabbits. Remind them that exercise runs are just as essential as hutches, and they should make their customers aware of this.

2) Join the RWA! It costs  £24 to join for 12 months, you will get 4 issues of Rabbiting On magazine, and you will be joining the largest organisation in the UK for rabbit welfare, and giving us a bigger voice. Together we can make a difference. If you want to know more about the work the RWAF has undertaken recently, read our campaign updates: . You can join on-line here:

3) Adopt a rescue rabbit! If you have a single bunny please think about getting him or her a friend. Remember that both rabbits will need to be neutered and you will need to have suitable accomodation for 2, and be able to afford to care for 2.

4) Print off a poster and put it in your car, your window, your work place, your vet practice or local pet shop. There are several on the website, so there is sure to be one you like:

5) If you are really short of time, but want to make a difference then you can help us to help rabbits by making a donation to us via just giving or even quicker, by text. You can text donations to us, quickly and easily by using this number 70070 Your text message will change depending on how much you want to donate, so
If you want to donate £1 you should text RWAF11£1
If you want to donate £2 you should text RWAF11£2
If you want to donate £3 you should text RWAF11£3
If you want to donate £4 you should text RWAF11£4
If you want to donate £5 you should text RWAF11£5
If you want to donate £10 you should text RWAF11£10

6) If you see a rabbit belonging to a friend or neighbour that you know is not being looked after properly, then please print off one of our ‘Dear Rabbit owner’ letters and put it through their letterbox. The letters can be found on our home page:

7) Share our ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ video, post it on your Facebook wall, tweet a link to it, add it to your Google+, send an e-mail, and why not add a link to it on your e-mail signatures?

8) If you help at a rescue centre, please make sure they have submitted their rehoming figures in to our survey – we are updating the very out of date figure of 35,000 rabbits through rescue each year, but we need rescues to take part. To submit your figures please e-mail

9) Join the weather lottery and not only will you be raising funds for the RWF, you will have the chance to win £25,000!

10) Join the First Alert mailing list – it’s free, and you can help us to spread the word by forwarding on the messages to other rabbit owning friends. Please e-mail to join. If you are able to spare the time to do any of the above, please let us know what you do, it would be great to know what works so that others can do the same!
From the RWAF team, Alan, Anne, Lizzie, Rae and Ros.

A hutch is not enough
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