PAH VIP trial

We, The RWAF, recommend rabbits to be kept in neutered social groups eg pairs, to provide companionship, enrichment, and enable natural social behaviours. Many reputable rescue centres neuter their youngsters before rehoming them, and this is ideal, as it enables them to be successfully bonded, and avoids many of the problems that domestic rabbits face, such as being kept alone, or being mis-sexed and producing an accidental litter adding to the rescue burden, as well as the the health and behavioural problems that entire rabbits can face. Our own guidance about neutering can be found here: We are aware that Pets at Home have taken steps to address these issues, and make it possible to acquire 2 already neutered and vaccinated rabbits in selected stores via their VIP trial, However we do have several questions surrounding the early neutering procedures, and their long term effect, as well as weaning, socialisation, transportation and vaccination. We are aware this issue is causing a great deal of concern, and we are giving it our full attention. However we need to be in possession of the full facts, before we can comment further, and we are awaiting these. We are also aware that this trial is being ceased and that no further rabbits will be imported to be sold in PAH stores.