Peter Rabbit

We have been sent this story by Runaround, from one of their customers, and have permission to share it. You’ll need your hankies, but there has a happy ending. ‘A Hutch Is Not Enough’; apart from causing health problems, we can crush a rabbit’s spirit and do lasting damage to them if we do not care for them properly. There are thousands and thousands of rabbits out there like Peter, who will not be lucky enough to find their guardian angel like he did. They cannot bark, nor whine, and are so often ignored and doomed to become ‘garden ghosts’ who suffer in silence while they endure the misery of solitary confinement and are unable to do any of the things that rabbits should be able to do like run, jump, dig, forage, and snuggle with another bunny. We take our hats off to his new human friend, Jane. She’s done a great job and both she and Peter have benefited hugely from their new relationship Please please help us spread the message that ‘A hutch is not enough’ and share this story.