Planning application – objection

The RWAF is appalled to learn of T&S Nurseries’ planning application to Cornwall Council for the building of a rabbit meat farm. The same company raised a similar application 10 years ago for a site in Nottinghamshire and the RWAF, with the help of a Planning Consultant, lodged formal objections to the application which were upheld by the Planning Authority. If this application is successful, thousands of rabbits a year will endure miserable, short lives before being slaughtered for their meat and fur. The current legislation in the UK for meat rabbits is a cage with a floor area of only 0.56m2. This is cruel and denies the rabbits the chance to be rabbits – they can’t run, dig, jump, forage for food or hide. Most other farm animals, other than the unfortunate battery hen, at least have the chance to behave naturally until they are slaughtered.

The RWAF’s charitable remit is focused on pet rabbits, which means we would be unable to use the charity’s funds to challenge this application. We are therefore asking for your help. If you can chip in with whatever you can afford it will help us to employ the services of a professional to scrutinise the application and hopefully find a way of having it thrown out. We estimate that we need around £1,200 to have this looked into properly. It’s not a huge amount of money but we realise that many people are going through tough times at the moment so we would be grateful for even the smallest of donations.

The planning application (PA20/08566) can be found on Cornwall Council’s website.

You can register or login and leave a comment about the application and we would urge anyone who feels strongly about this to raise an objection, especially if you live in the area. The Council can only officially take into account what is known as ‘material planning considerations’ when reviewing the comments, for example, last time we challenged on specific areas including increased traffic, loss of agricultural land and concerns about sustainability. We think that this application may be more technically ‘watertight’ than the last but we hope we will be able to update you on any areas that we may be able to target.

Any funds raised over and above the £1200 will be used to fund our campaigns.

Please help us to help rabbits.

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Thank you.


Thank you to everyone that donated towards the costs of lodging an objection to the proposed rabbit meat farm in Cornwall. We used the same planning expert that we used to successfully object to the Gosnall application, and in fact you, our fabulous supporters were so generous that we were able to object to the Amersham application too.

We have been fundraising across three platforms, as we are not able to use our usual funds to do this because it’s outside of our remit, so we could not have done this without your support. Thank you. We are only £362.50 short of paying for both applications now, so if you are able to contribute towards this we would be very grateful