Rabbits are very intelligent and active animals. They spend a huge amount of their time foraging for food, but they also need to dig, hide, run jump and stretch. Providing the right diet, companionship and environment are all essential to making sure that they can behave as normal.

In this section we cover what sort of things you can give your rabbit to meet their behavioural needs as well as highlighting some of the most common problems faced by pet rabbits.

Bunny buddies

Rabbits are highly social creatures – this means that they need company, and that company should be from other rabbits. If they have a rabbit friend they will never be lonely.

Enrichment and behaviours

This is all the good stuff that rabbits need to be able to do in order to act like rabbits: tunnels, toys, digging trays – the more you put in, the more you’ll be rewarded with contented bunnies.

Hormonal behaviour

Rabbits can show hormonal behaviour even after they are neutered. This can be particularly noticeable in Spring but can happen all year round.