There are several companies that offer pet insurance. We are not promoting any in particular but Pet Plan *(please use our agent code if you take out a policy 1300027785 ), Exotic Direct and Help U Cover are just three. Many larger supermarkets also offer their own schemes. Provided your rabbits are young enough and haven’t any known existing conditions it should be possible to get insurance cover.

Please use our unique code when buying pet insurance

Health care plans

Another option is a health care plan with your vet practice. Conditions vary from one practice to another but in general there is a monthly payment which entitles you to discounts from treatments and drugs as well as some ‘freebies’ such as treatments to protect against Flystrike, nail clipping, etc. Ask your vet for details of what their practice offers. Here’s a company that offer these services via vets (again, we are not promoting any) – Pet Health Club. Have a look at some vet websites and you’ll see that many of them offer their own tailored version of one of these plans. If your rabbits aren’t eligible for insurance (too old, known medical condition) then this may be a good alternative.

* The RWAF receives a small benefit if owners use our code. What we write is NEVER impacted by this, that is, we never favour one service over another because of any financial benefit.